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  • software development outsourcing

    • 1.

      Offshore Software Outsourcing and reasons why offshore deals shatter

      by Igor Kozlov - 2007-03-05
      Offshore Software Outsourcing and reasons why offshore deals shatterIn the domain of Offshore Software Outsourcing the offshoring business is reaching the sky from day to day. Increasingly more IT ...
    • 2.

      Web Page Design for Search Engine Optimization

      by Shaun parker - 2007-04-01
      Most people agree that content is the most important factor that the search engines consider when they rank a page but many do not know that the web design is also of paramount importance when it c...
    • 3.

      Software Development Services At Affordable Rates

      by Shaun - 2007-06-09
      An India based Web Development and Offshore Software Development Companies providing customized, cost effective, technology driven internet/ web based solutions all across the world. They offer full r...
    • 4.

      Importance to opt a Website Design Company

      by Rashmi Saxena - 2007-08-02
      To get a more fruitful business from your website it is important to get your website noticed. So don't compromise on your business website, contact an established web design company. An establi...
    • 5.

      Business software development outsourcing management: To improve the business efficacy

      by Joanna Gadel - 2007-09-13
      From retail market to rocket science, we all know that computers and software are a part of our existence - educational, professional and personal. A business can have software development manag...
    • 6.

      Software Outsourcing India Is The Hottest Destination !!

      by Rashmi Saxena - 2007-09-13
      In today's competitive world of business, Technology and advancement are best thing that has happened to humankind. Both are the two aspects of Progress. Every company wants to make an outstandi...
    • 7.

      It's Time For Market Research Outsourcing

      by meenakshi - 2008-04-22
      With businesses increasingly becoming consumer-led, the new buzz in town goes by a different abbreviation: MRO or market research outsourcing. The global outsourcing opportunity for MRO is $4 billion ...
    • 8.

      Creating a Web Page

      by pntglobal - 2008-07-27
       Just look at here first:Page Title: Does your title explain what the page is? Is your page title descriptive? This is what will show up if someone bookmarks your page, and at the top of the page. C...
    • 9.

      Graphic Designing

      by pntglobal - 2008-08-11
       Graphic design is used whenever visual intricacy and creativity are applied to the presentation of text and imagery. Contemporary design practice has been extended to the modern computer, in partic...
    • 10.

      24 Hours Call Center Inbound Services

      by vishal gupta - 2008-09-16
      With effective routing technology, your 24 call center hour inbound can be streamlined and error-free. Let today's call center solutions work for you and your business from predictive dialers to inter...