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    • 61.

      The World Is Flat

      by Patrick McMurray - 2009-12-28
      Christopher Columbus set out to map a short cut to India and prove the world was round, he ran into America thinking it was India.It must be the single most lucrative nautical blunder in history. The ...
    • 62.

      Illusive Gifts For Men

      by patmac - 2010-02-19
      It's a common complaint; women find it difficult sourcing suitable gifts for their husbands, boyfriends or male family members. You can go down the road of gadgets, gizmos and novelties, but sooner or...
    • 63.

      Cufflink Designer Reviews

      by patmac - 2010-02-19
      New styles of cufflinks and seasonal ties start hitting the streets around this time of the year as we head into serious autumn, so a few reviews and recommendations won't go astray.We've noted some o...
    • 64.

      Silk Ties Over Time

      by Patrick McMurray - 2010-09-22
      As timeless as Falling Water House by Mr Wright, ageless like classic Greek and Roman architecture; the silk tie, an ideal medium for designers to capture the past present and future on a small peace ...