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    • 11.

      Feng Shui : Confused Enough ?

      by Kerry A. Francis - 2007-05-14
      As you move into the world of Feng Shui you will find that is not one simple system to apply. Over the centuries, different schools of thought have developed. For example the "Form Schoo...
    • 12.


      by David Forden - 2007-08-24
      READY FOR LOVE BUT HAVEN'T FOUND ANYONE YET?... HERE ARE 8 FENG SHUI WAYS TO INVITE LOVE & ROMANCE INTO YOUR LIFEThey say that love makes the world go round but some people seem to have less luc...
    • 13.

      Feng Shui- The Eyes And Nose Of Your Home Are Your Windows

      by Cary Z. Francis - 2007-09-27
      Think of the windows of your house as the eyes of and nose of your home. Thus windows are the openings that allow you to look out, and at the same time take on and in the Qi breath of most vital energ...
    • 14.

      Feng Shui - Improving Your Indoor Spaces

      by Kerry A. Francis - 2008-07-17
      If there are two elements of Feng Shui that can be modified and improved at your beck and call they are - the presence, quantity, visibility and health of indoor plants and the lighting of your home ...
    • 15.

      Utilizing the Tools of Feng Shui - The Bagua

      by Morris E. R.J. . Brown - 2008-07-27
      The Bagua is a practical way of applying the philosophical principles of the I Ching or Book of Changes to Feng Shui.Shape has an effect on the flow of energy and balance. Hence the Bagua, used like...
    • 16.

      Feng Shui - Clutter Control in Your Home, Chalet or Office

      by Morris E. R.J. . Brown - 2008-08-04
      It is often noted that cleanliness is next to godliness. So it can be said the less cluttered a person's home or office is the more focus they have of their life, their work and family as well as occ...
    • 17.

      The Law Of Attraction and Feng Shui In The Bedroom

      by Prabhat Saini - 2008-08-15
      Take a good look at your bedroom as it is now. Is your bedroom welcoming to new partners? Does your bedroom suggest that you are open to sharing your life? Is your bedroom depressing? No one is ...
    • 18.

      Feng Shui - The Vital Role Of Ceilings

      by Morris E. R.J. . Brown - 2008-09-12
      Ceiling themselves are often forgotten and overlooked when it comes to both planning and the implementation of Feng Shui and the very principles of Feng Shui.Yet ceilings themselves can serve as the ...
    • 19.

      Feng Shui - Doors, Stairs, Entranceways

      by T. Z. Cole - 2008-10-04
      Doors and stairs are the entranceways and pathways that do more than simply allow your guests to enter and move around the floors or into the doorway of your home. Both doors and stairs channel both ...
    • 20.

      New Age & Spirituality

      by Aluminx Australia - 2008-10-21
      You may feel left behind in the modern fast paced world and the fact is you probably are. Most successful people have secrets and act or think certain ways to achieve their goals. Many great books lik...