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    • 1.

      Uses for a Wooden Shed

      by Peter Farmer - 2007-01-31
      Most people have a garden shed, a dingy box at the bottom of the garden for keeping the kids old bikes, the lawnmower and about two dozen species of spider. Sheds however can be so much more, and ...
    • 2.

      A Shed for Your Yard

      by Ray K. Walberg - 2007-02-06
      For a homeowner who is new to the process of home projects, one of the best projects to start out with is an outdoor shed. Unlike some projects, which are not only difficult, but can also make a perma...
    • 3.

      Gambling Sheds Provide Breathing Room

      by Kathy Moran - 2007-04-06
      As is the case with so many people in this over-crowded world, you may be feeling the need for a place to call your own. Perhaps you're staking out one of the rooms in your house, and planning a ...
    • 4.

      Log Cabins Make the Ideal Home Office

      by Devlin Palmer - 2007-04-12
      Do you want to work from home but there isn't any space? Are you working from home but family members and friends distract you? Do you need more space for your office, but an extension is too expen...
    • 5.

      Garden Sheds Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

      by Francesca Post - 2007-04-28
      Sheds are often thought of as the non-residential building at the bottom of the garden or the allotment. They can contain a variety of items that can't find a place in the home, such as: empty flower ...
    • 6.

      Sheds Dads Woman and Sheddies

      by Vanessa Blevins - 2007-04-30
      The word ‘shed' seems to conjure up many memories for people. Many people associate sheds with their dads'; a place for their dad to escape the washing-up duties, or to have some peace and quiet ...
    • 7.

      Tips To Organize Your Shed

      by Hunter Pyle - 2007-05-28
      To begin any task of organization there must be planning involved. It is better to be realistic in your plans of organizing your shed, than to defeat yourself by attempting more than you are able to f...
    • 8.

      Tips To Organize Your Gardening Supplies At Home

      by Hunter Pyle - 2007-05-28
      As much as we love to garden and plant new life, with such zeal, we should always make sure to tidy up our gardening supplies and work area. A nice tidy gardening work area with organized gardening su...
    • 9.

      Home Security: Sheds, Garages, and Outbuildings

      by Sean Hattaway - 2007-06-15
      In securing our homes, we often forget about our shed, the garage, and other outbuildings that need to be checked and locked. For homeowners and residents, these places may not seem to be target...
    • 10.

      Keep Your Fat Weight Off

      by Al Short - 2007-07-12
      Okay so you have tried diet pills, expensive diet plans, exercising, low-carb diets, and everything else imaginable to loose the weight. Finally you are at the weight that you feel comfortable with an...