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    • 1.

      A Writer's Journey Part 1 - Getting Started

      by Roslyn Motter - 2006-12-08
      Phew! I have just finished writing my eighteenth manuscript in a series of children's adventure books. What a triumph of mind over matter!I published my first three books in October, and being self-pu...
    • 2.

      How to Choose the Best Title for Your Self Published Book

      by Helen Hecker - 2006-12-12
      Authors, self publishers and book publishers often spend a lot of time thinking over possible titles for an upcoming book they plan to publish and rightly so. There are some basic considerations to k...
    • 3.

      Why Internet Publishing is Better (for authors)

      by Mike Scantlebury - 2007-01-01
      More reasons why internet publishing is better (for authors)If you ask most busy authors, they will agree on one thing. They want to get published. They want a publisher. Trouble is, in our modern wor...
    • 4.

      How to Write, Record and Sell Your Own Homemade Booklets and Audio CDS

      by Mike Moore - 2007-01-01
      Last month I sat beside a successful insurance sales person at a wedding reception. He told me he was very successful in sales and that he had a formula for success that allowed him to achieve a high...
    • 5.

      Infoprenuers Cut Costs While Maximizing Profits

      by Steve Vickers - 2007-01-03
      The internet was first developed for the military to share information. Yet since its inception the internet has become so much more. It is a place that allows people to express their ideas and thou...
    • 6.

      Successful Self-Publishing

      by Terence - 2007-01-23
      Successful Self-PublishingTerence TamIssue 1: January 2007Inside this issue:Developing a marketing plan for your book. Discover how a carefully structured marketing plan can make the world of diffe...
    • 7.

      7 Tips for Book Promotion Media Events

      by Brent Sampson, CEO of - 2007-01-23
      Media events and public appearances can fall into any number of categories and include any number of venues (book stores, radio interviews, television interviews, writing group speeches, presentati...
    • 8.

      What Digital Printing Can Mean For Self Publishers

      by Cam Parry - 2007-01-29
      Up until the arrival of digital technology book runs probably weren't really viable until a minimum run of 500 books which meant a probable investment of over $5000. With our recent investment into a ...
    • 9.

      What Shelf Are You On?

      by Tara Schiro - 2007-02-02
      What shelf in the bookstore do you see yourself on? The first time I was asked to answer this question my heart rate sped into overdrive and I became really angry. It was a valid question for sure, ...
    • 10.

      6 Tips for Establishing Yourself as an Expert

      by Brent Sampson - 2007-02-08
      1 Write a book You've done this already, right? If you haven't, consider it. You may find yourself closer to a finished manuscript than you realize. Writing a publishable book from your knowl...