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    • 11.

      The Incredible Six Inch Death Stick - Yawara-jutsu

      by John Roberts-James - 2007-03-19
      Yes, it's true! Yawara-jutsu is one of the old Japanese martial arts. One of its facets includes the use of a short, six-inch plain stick to strike 'death and terror' into the opponent. The 'experts' ...
    • 12.

      She Was Walking Her Dog When ...

      by John Roberts-James - 2007-03-20
      he stepped out from behind the bushes.Every parent's mind turns cold at the thought!We read about it, we worry about it, we almost don't believe it.The old, old story, alas. But it happens! It still h...
    • 13.

      Defend Yourself Against Attack!

      by John Roberts-James - 2007-03-20
      Our streets and public parks can be very dangerous. Mugging, rape, stabbing or baby theft. It seems to be getting worse!But we are not allowed to carry a weapon to defend ourselves.But the Mugger or R...
    • 14.

      How to Fight for Women

      by Thomas Berten - 2007-05-01
      Change it's happening all around you all the time. The seasons change technology changes car design change cloths come in and out of fashion.But people still work the same way they did thousands of...
    • 15.

      Top Techniques For Self Defense On The Street - (Arts Defense Instruction Martial Self)

      by Max power - 2007-05-09
      Forget the martial arts classes, forget karate, forget most things that you have read.When it comes to a REAL street attack, all the moves you spent hours practicing will be useless. The aggress...
    • 16.

      A word about the historic beginnings of vital points.

      by Master L P Lambert - 2007-06-05
      The Vital Point combat arts, has been misunderstood for many different reasons. One reason that needs to be acknowledged is that the early development of these art forms were created to destroy ...
    • 17.

      Be Smart About Pepper Spray

      by B. Burnie - 2008-07-28
      The fame of pepper sprays is on peak these days as we are aware with the tremendously growing crime over the last few years. Due to this reason law abiding citizen have realized that they are unsafe a...
    • 18.

      Self Defence and Martial Arts Tips - the Importance of Structure in Maximizing Striking Power

      by Michael Harkess - 2008-09-04
      In a self defence/self protection situation, once conflict becomes physical, you need to get the job done very quickly (within 30 to 60 seconds). The objective of every strike is to incapacitate the ...
    • 19.

      Sports, Winjitsu Ace with Rick Tew - Lesson 12

      by RICK TEW - 2009-02-05
      The goal of Winjitsu is to give you some freedom. It is the most valued level of success and the hardest non-tangible thing to achieve. How much time in your life do you actually own? Can...