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    • 1.

      Adding to Your Credibility - Just say No!

      by Lorraine Calhoun - 2006-12-28
      You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated. Adding to Yo...
    • 2.

      Wedding Vows: Say Your Heart To Your Soul

      by Kanishkm - 2007-01-08
      A wedding marks a new beginning for couples and no beginning could be perfect without firm resolution and commitment. The beautiful and soul stirring ritual of wedding vows is an opportunity for t...
    • 3.

      Search Engine Anthropology - What Our Keywords Say About Us

      by Steven Gillman - 2007-01-08
      I was doing some keyword research, and I couldn't help but laugh. Last month there were 10,700 searches for the "meaning of life," which seemed like a lot, until I saw that there were 840,000 sear...
    • 4.

      What do the People You Know Have to Say About You?

      by Stephanie Peacocke - 2007-01-18
      While this may be the kind of question you'd rather avoid, I'd like to suggest that you plow right through your discomfort and explore the answer. It's one of the ways you can uncover aspects of y...
    • 5.

      What Did You Just Say???

      by Eva Gregory - 2007-01-30
      An assumption can make way for hurt feelings, misconceptions, and resentments. When we make assumptions we completely de-emphasize another person's feelings for the sake of filling in the blanks t...
    • 6.

      How to Say "NO" Graciously

      by Daniel Sitter - 2007-03-06
      We are busy. Each of us has more on our plate than ever before, more than our counterparts in other lands. We awaken earlier, retire later, work longer, take fewer vacations and sleep less than ou...
    • 7.

      What Not to Say and What to Say to Someone Who is Mourning

      by Louis LaGrand, Ph.D. - 2007-03-15
      We need each other, especially in times of distress. And it is important never to forget that human interaction is the very essence of living a happy life. The positive result of that interaction ...
    • 8.

      Buying Foreclosures: What to Say When the Seller Contacts You

      by Ada Smith - 2007-03-21
      But when a preforeclosure property owner does finally call you, make sure you convey that you’re a personnot a large corporate entity. Answer with, “Good morning, this is Mary.&rdq...
    • 9.

      Personal Injury Claims - Protect Your Rights by Knowing What NOT to Say

      by Arthur Gueli - 2007-03-25
      Pursuing a personal injury claim puts you in an unfamiliar situation. You'll have to think carefully before you speak to anyone. From the adjuster, to the defendant, to the police officer at the s...
    • 10.

      10 Things Never To Say To A Guy

      by Lucia - 2007-04-05
      1. When will I see you again? You'll see him when you see him. If he wants to see you again, he'll call. If not, next. You don't have time for anyone that doesn't have time for you. 2. Why did...