samsung f480

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    • 1.

      Samsung Tocco is Taken on O2 Uk, Samsung F480 Tocco

      by susan hargreaves - 2008-05-28
      Samsung have gone all Italian with their latest release the Samsung Tocco, this new touchscreen mobile phone takes its name from the Italian word Tocco meaning touch which is very apt in this case.The...
    • 2.

      Samsung F480: Beauty With Brains

      by Adam Caitlin - 2008-06-27
       There is no need to pinch yourself so as to confirm the presence of reality. The Latest Samsung phone is full of awesome features and its beautiful body defines its own class.The phone is extremely...
    • 3.

      Samsung F480: A Powerful Means Of Communicating

      by adam caitlin - 2008-07-03
      Earlier when these phones were introduced in market, though they were expensive still they were cheaper than the rest instruments and means, which were result of the information technology revolution....
    • 4.

      Samsung F480 : Definition of Luxury!

      by Adam Caitlin - 2008-07-04
       Everyone today needs to communicate with other and to communicate what can be better than a mobile phones which not only allows you to communicate with other but diverse features. A Mobile phone ca...
    • 5.

      Samsung F480 Tocco - Style Personified

      by Alice - 2008-07-04
      In today's world, mobile phones have become the indispensable device for all class of people. There was a time when mobile phones were so rare to find and the phones were basic one which could only be...
    • 6.

      Sony Ericsson C902 Vs Samsung F480: The Spilled Flawlessness

      by Kelly Devon - 2008-08-07
      The mobile market is flooded with latest mobile handsets that are equally good looking and evenly priced. The customer is bound to get confused if he is asked to choose any one out of them. But there ...
    • 7.

      Samsung F480 Tocco - Sizzling Gadget For Mobile Phone Lovers

      by Kaitlin Dasia - 2008-08-17
      Samsung have come up with so many world class handsets in recent years, to gratify its customers completely. The company offer the users a wide variety of ultimate gadgets, which are enriched with hig...
    • 8.

      Communication, Samsung F480 Tocco Brown : An Ideal Choice

      by RAINA KELSEY - 2008-09-02
      The emergence of technology has made human life easier and more expressive as well. Communication is another substitute for the mobile phones and in the present day market there are umpteen handse...
    • 9.

      Samsung Tocco: Sizzling Mobile Gadget

      by Austin David - 2008-09-09
      Samsung is extremely popular among the mobile phone users all around the world. Their products are highly in demand by the people especially for their unmatchable quality and standard. Let's talk abo...
    • 10.

      Samsung F480 Silver Unlocked ( Touch Screen)

      by stevefranklis - 2008-10-14
      Samsung F480, Samsung enters into the touchscreen arena with striking results. Here is a model that is slimmer than most phones at 11.5mm wide which is a very nice size for a touchscreen centered pho...