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    • 1.

      When NOT to Refinance Your Home

      by John Morroni - 2006-11-28
      There are times when the mortgage rates look incredibly appetizing and it seem as if everyone is jumping on the refinance bandwagon. While refinancing when the interest rates are very low may look lik...
    • 2.

      Reverse Mortgages Enable Retiring Homeowners

      by Evelyn Miller - 2006-12-07
      It's a creepy thought. Over the nest 40 years, the proportion of Australia's population aged 65 years and over will almost multiply. With continual expansion in the cost of healthcare and actual livin...
    • 3.

      How To Use Your Equity Smartly

      by Cornie Herring - 2006-12-15
      Equity is the value of your home at current market value after deducting the outstanding mortgage on your home, which is what you would have left over in the event that you sold your property at marke...
    • 4.

      What is a Reverse Mortgage? Should I use it?

      by Ma. Roma Agsalud - 2006-12-18
      A reverse mortgage, as its name says, is a loan wherein the lender pays the borrower instead of the usual setup where the borrower pays the lender as done in traditional regular mortgages. To be ex...
    • 5.

      Cash Out Refinancing As A Way To Get Out Of Debt

      by Chris Navi - 2006-12-21
      Cash-out refinancing is a way of accessing home equity by taking out a new mortgage with a larger principal than the current one. The difference in principal in the two mortgages is available to you t...
    • 6.

      Refinancing Benefits - Lower Payments - Pocket Some Cash

      by Michael Benifez - 2006-12-23
      You may already be considering re-financing your home because you have heard about the benefits. Although there may be situations where re-financing does not make sense, there are so many where it do...
    • 7.

      Mortgage Loans: Save Thousands With a Couple of Bucks

      by Kate Ross - 2006-12-26
      With slightly higher monthly payments you can pay off your mortgage sooner and save thousands on interests. Shorter Repayment Programs By requesting a shorter repayment program, you'll definitely get ...
    • 8.

      Balloon Loans Can Result In Huge Savings!

      by Sarah Dinkins - 2007-01-06
      When the whole world is on its process of transformation, the world of mortgage loans has also joined the herd. The balloon loan is a new way to pay for your mortgage loan, which is often termed as th...
    • 9.

      Need Commercial Real Estate Refinancing... Learn How to Eliminate a Bad Credit Score...

      by Richard Bonomo - 2007-01-26
      So you had a financial crisis happened to you, well believe it or not most people have. But it is up to you if you want to continue living life in a hole!Bad things happen to good people. You hav...
    • 10.

      What Is No Cost Financing?

      by Greg Lucas - 2007-01-27
      In this article on "What is No Cost Financing" I will explain the basics about no cost financing. But, before I go to what no cost financing is, many would like to know "what is financing" in general...