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    • 1.

      Religion and Violence

      by Dr. Charles Sabillon - 2006-12-15
      In the early stages of human existence, during the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, tens of thousands of religious wars were fought. However, we will never know a thing about them because they went ...
    • 2.

      Dogs Are Our Best Friends and with Good Reason

      by Barbara Freedman-De Vito - 2007-01-08
      Why are there so many dog lovers out there ? Dogs share our lives in a way that most other animals can't, and they're so commonplace that it's easy to take their faithful companionship for granted...
    • 3.

      Needs To Know: Part 4 - The Child

      by Ken Fields - 2007-01-14
      Between the ages of about 5 and 12 years, we refer to the growing person as a child. Childhood may be the most dynamic phase of human development. Unparalleled growth occurs in a short period of time....
    • 4.

      Writing for Love or Cash?

      by Lloyd Masel - 2007-01-17
      I've pondered over this question for some time. Do people simply write for the love of it? Are they motivated to express themselves in words to satisfy an inner emotional need? Or is it simply in the ...
    • 5.

      Quotations #17

      by Patricia Nordman - 2007-01-20
      *Philosophers have done wisely when they have told us to cultivate our reason rather than our feelings, for reason reconciles us to the daily things of existence; our feelings teach us to yearn after ...
    • 6.

      Little Known Commercial Loan Puts Cash In Your Hand For Any Reason Fast and Easy

      by Naomi Monk - 2007-02-11
      How To Use Your Equity Without a HassleIf you've got equity in your commercial building, it's a great source of cash at your fingertips, if you can get it out.  It's not as easy as it sounds ...
    • 7.

      The Most Common Reason for Dropped Ranking

      by Subhash - 2007-02-21
      The major search engines are constantly trying to improve the quality of their search engine results in an effort to provide the best quality content for users. When duplicate content is indexed b...
    • 8.

      Proactive? Does It Really Work? Why Not?

      by Ericka Jarvis - 2007-02-25
      You see it all over the internet acne forums, message boards, and ask dot coms, the question of, "Does Proactive work?" from acne sufferers trying to find a solution to acne. The responses vary from, ...
    • 9.

      On The Arts

      by Matthew Garden - 2007-03-06
      From language to mathematics, from music to politics, from philosophy to engineering, attainment of the arts ought to be the goal of life and the purpose of action. it is in the arts that the soul of ...
    • 10.

      Does Your Teen Seem Beyond Reason

      by Valerie Dansereau - 2007-03-20
      A lot of parents feel that the most difficult years are the teen years. It may seem that your once sweet child is suddenly possessed. You may be on the receiving end of mood swings, unpredictability...