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    • 101.

      Real Estate, Gift Ideas for the Realtor in Your Family

      by RE WRITER - 2008-11-14
      Christmas time is fast approaching, which means that it's time to start thinking about gift ideas for family, friends, and co-workers. If a real estate agent happens to among the people on...
    • 102.

      Real Estate, Should You Carry A Gun To Home Showings?

      by RE WRITER - 2008-11-18
      Realtors are in a dangerous profession. The news frequently carries stories about Realtors who were robbed, raped and murdered while showing homes or at open houses. House showings and open houses...
    • 103.

      Things To Consider Before Buying A Plymouth Real Estate Property

      by Elton24 Jenkins24 - 2008-11-29
      Buying a Plymouth real estate propertyAn important aspect in buying a house is the location. If your house is built in a non commercial or non housing area or a new land as such, checks for the land q...
    • 104.

      Gloom Doom and Other Positive Signs

      by Doug Mitchel - 2008-12-23
      The trouble with gloom and doom is that when you're surrounded by it, that's all you can see. While most economists don't predict a depression, the prevailing thought is that we're in for a very bad ...
    • 105.

      Real Estate, Dear Sir or Madam,

      by LESLIE ESKILDSEN - 2009-03-24
      This is your realtor writing to you to request a few trifling favors in order to sell your house.  Please be advised that, although this are merely requests, it may behoove you to acquiesce...
    • 106.

      Investment Real Estate Is Profitable

      by Elton47 Jenkins47 - 2009-07-25
      With the global economic meltdown, people who have invested on the share market have incurred a huge loss. The stock market all over the world has received the worst effect of global meltdown. Other i...
    • 107.

      Real Estate Articles - Taking the Plunge: Becoming a Real Estate Agent

      by RE WRITER - 2009-08-18
      It can take a leap of faith to leave your day job and embark on a solo career as a real estate agent, but with planning and preparation, you will find that it is a rewarding experience to work on yo...
    • 108.

      Real Estate Articles - Things You Should Ask Your Potential Buyer's Agent

      by RE WRITER - 2009-10-20
      When you interview REALTORS® to find your buyer's agent, you should have a list of questions to ask them to ascertain whether you and the agent will be a good fit. While you and your agent may...
    • 109.

      Use A Certified Real Estate Agent To Get Your Property Exposed

      by Frank Froggatt - 2009-12-20
      Marketing your home for sale is something that can be a really daunting for those who don't know how to give themselves the maximum amount of exposure to the market. As a result of this, lots of peopl...
    • 110.

      Real Estate Articles - Why Using a Buyer's Agent is Your Best Option

      by RE WRITER - 2010-01-07
      Once upon a time, when you wanted to buy a house, it was customary for the deal to be orchestrated by one Realtor, the listing agent; nowadays things are a little different and it is considered unc...