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    • 21.

      Investing for Value in Real Estate:

      by Eze ThankGod ik - 2008-11-26
      Before investing in real estate, one thing that is very crucial for consideration is the value of the property you are investing in. After all, the main purpose of every investment is to make prof...
    • 22.

      Buying Atlanta Condos

      by J. Kim - 2009-02-14
      If you hate the cold weather of the north and like a warm weather all year around, Atlanta, Georgia is a good place to buy a Atlanta condos. With the current housing market in downward spiral with som...
    • 23.

      Home Business, Even Regis Was Shocked By This Guy

      by SKYLER CLARK - 2009-03-05
      Yes, It's true... after a prestigious newspaper issued the challenge for running his mouth this cocky, nerdy looking guy, took on a public challenge and won! He took an unemployed couple ...
    • 24.

      21 Century Housing In Uganda By Pearl Estates

      by Bent Reed - 2010-10-12
      Pearl Estates Uganda Limited under the management of Mr. Mitul Jobanputra has today realised her long cherished dream of contributing effectively towards the creation of an organized housing culture i...