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    • 1.

      Five Timely Tips For Selling Your Home

      by Bnewhall - 2007-06-19
      Creating the groundwork for selling your home can be as easy as 1,2,3,4,5.OK- you found a new home, you want to downsize or you want to retire-You need to sell your home- what can you do? Follow...
    • 2.

      When is the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home?

      by Justin Lukasavige - 2008-04-15
      Our current economy does not seem to be very kind in regards to the housing market. Foreclosures are at a record rate and the mortgage crisis has made it much more difficult to get financing. With a...
    • 3.

      Real Estate Marketing: Farming a Neighborhood

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-18
      Among the means at your disposal for collecting leads and growing your quick-turn real estate business is establishing a farm area where you do business on a regular basis. This is a technique used b...
    • 4.

      Loss Mitigation Alternatives (Or When is a Short Sale not Appropriate)

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-18
      With historically high rates of default on home mortgages lenders are facing many more foreclosures than they have in the past. This allows for short sale investors and pre-foreclosure specialists to...
    • 5.

      Motivated Sellers and Buyers The Key to Making Money in Real Estate

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-22
      Motivated buyers and sellers are the fuel that drives a quick turn real estate business. Buyers are discussed elsewhere; this article is about creating sources of motivated sellers and getting them t...
    • 6.

      The Importance of Developing Your Real Estate Rolodex

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-22
      Connections are the name of the game in quick turn real estate. This is a literal statement. Real estate is a game where the more people you are connected to and on good terms with, the more powerfu...
    • 7.

      The Importance of Automating Your Real Estate Business

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-22
      The pattern followed by successful entrepreneurs in real estate or any industry is to begin by learning the process hands on and taking responsibility for every operation, then to automate and delegat...
    • 8.

      Working with Partners : Using Leverage to Explode your Real Estate Business

      by Omar Johnson - 2008-04-22
      While there are some successful single member real estate businesses, partnering is a common method used by real estate investors to maximize their leverage and their effectiveness. Understanding som...
    • 9.

      Real Estate Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Your Open House

      by Craig Berger - 2008-05-12
      The huge number of homes on the housing market right now means that agents need to work overtime to sell one. Even though it is a great buyer's market, most people who can afford a new home are still ...
    • 10.

      Some Useful Tips for the First Time Home

      by Sharon Samraj - 2008-07-11
      As a first-time home buyer, you are entitled for many programs obtainable by finance companies and the government to purchase a house. An often-overlooked source for the first-time purchaser is their...