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    • 1.

      The Wonders of Painting your Home for Sale

      by Ester Rebecca Del Fierro - 2006-12-02
      Article Written and Prepared by: Barbara ThorpLet's admit it, whatever our reasons for being attracted to a real estate property for sale, whether they be location, size, price, proximity, etc, etc, w...
    • 2.

      Guide to Selling Commercial Real Estate

      by Ester Rebecca del Fierro - 2007-01-22
      Commercial property for sale is gaining popularity more than ever, but is still a difficult venture especially for the newbie real estate agent. This can sometimes cost an enormous amount of money...
    • 3.

      Get the Best Insurance Policy For Your Home

      by Ester Rebecca del Fierro - 2007-02-15
      We all know getting a home insurance is important, but still some of us tend to scrimp on this basic aspect of our investment. When deciding how much insurance you need to cover your home, think r...
    • 4.

      Furniture not Included

      by Barbara Thorp - 2007-03-03
      Unless you are looking at a "walk in-walk out" sale when browsing online real estate, then you had better look at the structure of the homes for sale you are viewing and not the ‘tricks' that have ...
    • 5.

      Buying In A Master-planned Estate - (part One)

      by amos graham - 2007-08-02
      Just imagine; you have just bought your dream home online. Now it's not just any house. It has style and panache and is exactly what you have wanted for many years. It is neat, two story, elegant, and...
    • 6.

      Buying In A Master-planned Estate - (part Two)

      by amos graham - 2007-08-10
      Many buyers agree that one of the attractions of buying a home in a master-planned estate is the chance to live in a resort-like atmosphere, free of maintenance and restriction. Instead of mowing the ...
    • 7.

      Buy Or Renovate - (part One)

      by amos graham - 2007-10-19
      So, you have lived in the same house for twenty-five years. It has always been a cozy home with a warm ambiance. The children have gone their own ways and now it's only you and your wife. You have bee...
    • 8.

      Buy or Renovate - (part-three)

      by Amos Grham - 2007-11-12
      Perhaps you want to sell your home instead and take a driving holiday around Australia. Well that may be the cheapest and less irritating way of spending your retirement and I am able to suggest some ...
    • 9.

      Buying a ‘renovators Delight' - (part One)

      by Amos Grham - 2007-12-11
      Well these little beauties may not be the buy they used to be. You may ask why, and I am going to explain. The prices of renovator's delights and handyman's delights are strengthening in line with t...
    • 10.

      Real Estate, Real Estate Listing - Helping in Easy Access to Reality Estate Information

      by ANIRBAN BHATTACHARYA - 2008-07-02
      The world of buying and selling of homes and property is inflating in a regular tandem with the time. With options for free and relevant data over the internet is making a northward go, any one ca...