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    • 1.

      How To Identify Knock Off Replicas Of High End Designer Handbags

      by Gregg Hall - 2006-12-06
      Making knock off purses in China and importing them to the US is big business. It is also big crime. In a recent big bust, seventeen people were arrested in America for a very complicated operation to...
    • 2.

      Of Men And Purses

      by Benjamin Cox - 2007-01-02
      I have always been a critic of women and their purses. First of all, they can't seem to find anything. A case in point is when they prepare to use a car. They will hunt, dig and scrounge through the...
    • 3.

      Cheap Purses

      by Alison Cole - 2007-01-25
      A purse is a bag used by women to carry keys, a wallet, and personal items. Men carried purses during biblical times but there is a variation now and women mostly use them. Women of different ages and...
    • 4.

      Coach Handbags: Make It Yours with Customization and Reversibility!

      by Alan King - 2007-01-26
      We've all fallen in love with Coach's sophisticated style, all the way from its facing "C's" to the beautiful jaquard material. The beauty of Coach handbags and accessories are timeless, versatile and...
    • 5.

      Knock Off Purses

      by Alison Cole - 2007-01-26
      Designer purses are found in designer stores. Gucci is one such designer purse brand; it is very expensive. It is not possible for all the people to afford purses of these brands. Middle class would r...
    • 6.

      Western Purses

      by Alison Cole - 2007-01-26
      Every place has a specialty of its own and the products that are made are typical to that particular place. Western purses are purses that are made in America and have a uniqueness of their own. The m...
    • 7.

      Designer Handbags - The Best Women's Handbags and Purses

      by Harry Bernstein - 2007-01-24
      Designer Handbags - The Best Women's Handbags and PursesMost ladies are enamored with women's handbags and purses, but with so many different items available in the market place today, it can be ex...
    • 8.

      Louie Vuitton Bags or Louis Vuitton Bags - Separating the Real from the Replica

      by Harry Bernstein - 2007-01-27
      Louie Vuitton Bags or Louis Vuitton Bags - Real, Replica or Fake PursesLouis Vuitton, sometimes erroneously known as Louie Vuitton, is a large design company founded by a famous designer from Franc...
    • 9.

      Handmade Purses

      by Alison Cole - 2007-01-29
      Purses are bags that are carried mostly by women. These bags are used mainly to carry money, keys, and other personal items. Most of the women carry purses when they venture out of their houses. Vario...
    • 10.

      Hollywood Arm Candy - The Fab Four Handbags On The Stars We Love

      by Kristen Dash - 2007-03-05
      It's no wonder that we are so enthralled by what actresses, models, and other style icons are wearing. Their job is to look good in front of the camera, and their accessory selections set the bar for...