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    • 1.

      Health Benefits of Coconut Cream

      by Laura Ng - 2007-02-06
      Coconut cream is widely used in curries, desserts and cakes. That's because it enhances the aroma and tastes of the dishes and can be obtained easily and cheaply. It has a thick, paste-like consistenc...
    • 2.

      Preventing cancer today!!!

      by Dr Laurence Magne - 2007-03-12
      At any age, it is vitally important to stay fit and healthy. It is easy to let go of our discipline, thinking that we've earned the right to relax and enjoy foods for instance that we know are not ...
    • 3.

      Review Of A Cancer Prevention Vitamin

      by Keith Standifer - 2007-04-17
      Have we discovered a cancer prevention vitamin? Are cancer prevention vitamins really possible? Is the cancer prevention vitamin here?New studies show we just might have! Some forms of cancer may be p...
    • 4.

      Diets and Cancer: How to Eat Right to Avoid Cancer

      by Natalie Williams - 2007-06-22
      Many people believe cancers just happen. Cancers develop if you follow an unhealthy diet full of cancer causing food over a prolonged period of time. Certain food contains a lot of cancer promoting su...
    • 5.

      Diets and Cancer: Don't Let What You Don't Know About Cancer Causing Food Hurt You

      by Natalie Williams - 2007-07-01
      A lot of people believe cancers come out of nowhere. Cancers develop if you follow an unwholesome diet full of cancer causing food over a long period of time. Some of the food we eat consists of...
    • 6.

      Smoke Causing Cancer-how To Protect?

      by asanka000 - 2008-06-26
      About 65.6 million woman and 43 million Children of Indonesian get exposed to cigarette smokes or said that they are as passive smoker. They have risk to get many diseases such as, bronchitis, tubercu...
    • 7.

      The Value Of A Balanced Alkaline-acidic Diet

      by Clara Nolt - 2008-07-03
      As early as 1931, Nobel Prize Winner - Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the fact that cancer cells are unable to breathe in oxygen, therefore making it impossible to survive surrounded with high oxygen lev...
    • 8.

      Why Apricot Seeds May Save Your Life

      by Jonathan Bell - 2008-07-10
      Apricot seeds are like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious. Among the nutrients they contain is one called amygdalin, which is also known as vitamin B17. This attacks cancer cells, and thus can help ...
    • 9.

      Does Resveratrol Extend Ones Lifespan?

      by Darrell Miller - 2008-08-26
      Resveratrol is a phytonutrient molecule whose time has come. It is a polyphenolic phytoalexin present in grape skins and red wine that has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proper...
    • 10.

      Only In Japan

      by Jonathan Bell - 2008-09-23
      For many years the only way to have access to this fantastic immune booster supplement was to live in Japan. During this era Lane Labs located in the U.S. formulated a similar product. Both products ...