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    • 71.

      Finding A Good Spot To Put That Plant

      by Juliet S Sadler - 2009-03-16
      The primary purpose of a good planting area is to provide sufficient air to the plant roots. As a general rule, if you are planting trees and shrubs in individual holes, do not add any soil amendments...
    • 72.

      All About Planting

      by Juliet S Sadler - 2009-04-07
      Trees: - Let's start with Burlap plants. Closely examine the root ball on the plant that you have purchased. Did the nursery wrap twine around the ball to hold the plant secure? This should be removed...
    • 73.

      Making Your Own Beatiful Pergolas

      by Juliet S Sadler - 2009-04-21
      Pergolas can be a great feature in a garden; they are also practical and decorative. They provide support for climbing plants, give the garden structure and help break up its flat canvas. They are ide...
    • 74.

      Stop Your Soil From Damping Off

      by Josiah Smart - 2009-04-26
      Damping off is the single term used to describe underground, soil line, or crown rots of seedlings due to unknown causes. The term actually covers several soil borne diseases of plants and seed borne ...
    • 75.

      Getting In Shape By Gardening

      by Josiah Smart - 2009-05-08
      While gardening is usually thought of as a productive way to grow beautiful plants and obtain tasty fruits and vegetables, few gardeners have ever considered the immense amounts of exercise one can ge...
    • 76.

      Tips To Growing A Container Herb Gardens For The Ultimate Joy

      by Gardening lover - 2009-10-30
      For urban folks a container herb garden is the answer for those wanting to have fresh herbs within easy reach daily. However due to lack of space they are unable to avail of it. Persons who have to co...