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    • 1.

      Tennis Without the Lawn

      by Mario D Churchill - 2007-01-21
      Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong is a sport that can be played indoors and outdoors as long as the designated table divided by a net is present and outdoor conditions are ideal to play. But gener...
    • 2.

      Playing Table Tennis Table Outdoors

      by Mario D Churchill - 2007-01-22
      Table tennis is normally played indoors. This is to create a controlled environment that is favorable for both players. But during the summer, those who still want to play the game can do this outside...
    • 3.

      How to Play Ping Pong

      by Mario D Churchill - 2007-01-25
      Table tennis is fun sport. The game is fast paced especially for intermediate and expert levels. The game originated in England and was a form of entertainment for the upper class during the late 1800...
    • 4.

      Beginnings of Table Tennis

      by Mario D Churchill - 2007-01-28
      Most sports will require some kind of skill or some form of characteristics that will make playing a little bit easier. Height for example is an advantage when it comes to basketball as players who ar...
    • 5.

      Love Those Table Tennis Dvds!

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-02-07
      Table tennis DVDs are increasingly popular and in the sports videos market. More companies are producing table tennis DVDs using different themes and formats to suit the demands of the rising number o...
    • 6.

      Advanced Techniques In Table Tennis

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-02-12
      When a beginner has more or less learned the basics in table tennis, this is the right time to teach some other techniques. This allows the player to become better not only in practice but also most i...
    • 7.

      Ping Pong Is All About The Grip

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-02-23
      Ping pong or table tennis is a very fast game. As the tiny plastic ball is driven from one side to the other side of the table at lightning speed, a player has a fraction of a second to react and prop...
    • 8.

      Table Tennis Racket: Finding The Weapon Of Choice

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-02-27
      In table tennis, nothing can be a more important piece of equipment than the racket that is used as the bat to receive and strike the small plastic ball back and forth across the table. More like a pa...
    • 9.

      Learn With The Stars Through Table Tennis Dvd

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-03-01
      Table tennis has become one of the most popular sports in modern times. And its ever-increasing recognition is a direct result of how it has captivated the interests of people worldwide. What is great...
    • 10.

      Watching A DVD, Learning Table Tennis

      by Mario Churchill - 2007-03-06
      Table tennis can be a great way to build endurance, train one's wits, and even lose weight. Often referred to by ping pong, its trade name, table tennis entails skill and strength, and learning it can...