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    • 11.

      Why Your Skin Needs Oil And What Happens Without It

      by Rebecca Kepple - 2007-05-15
      Most people with acne think oil is the bad guy. They don't understand that our skin needs oil for protection and moisture. They don't understand it is trapped oil that creates acne. They wrongly beli...
    • 12.

      Can You Exercise Your Way To Perfect Clear Skin?

      by Rebecca Kepple - 2007-05-18
      It's a good question and one that has been the subject of much debate - can you exercise your way to perfect, clear skin?The answer is of course yes...Poor circulation and being over weight definitely...
    • 13.

      Three Ways Your Acne Got Started...

      by Rebecca Kepple - 2007-05-22
      Acne only occurs when your pores block and oil builds up. There are several situations in which your pores can clog but by far the most common are;A. Dead skin cells sinking into the poreB. A narrowi...
    • 14.

      Sun Exposure Makes Pimples Go Away - Fact Or Fiction?

      by Rebecca Kepple - 2007-05-25
      This is one of the biggest acne myths around. Regardless of your skin colour, type or age, sun exposure will dry, damage and age your skin. Proection is essential.It is understandable however why th...
    • 15.

      Acne Treatment With Right Medication

      by John Porter - 2007-05-29
      What do you do to keep your face clean? Wash it frequently and undergo a regular skin treatment with the help of cleanser, toner and maintain the moisture content. The easy wash technique is to apply ...
    • 16.

      Acne - The Hormonal Disorder

      by John Porter - 2007-06-26
      Many of you simply think acne to be a skin disease. The reason is simple. As you find them bulging out on your skin particularly the face area you assure yourself that the whole trouble lies in your s...
    • 17.

      Acne Care: Know The Herbal Way

      by John Porter - 2007-06-26
      Acne is a pretty common problem yet only a handful of us know how to practically deal with it. Acne apparently seems to be a skin disease and an external ailment. This is precisely the common mistake ...
    • 18.

      How To Clear Skin From Acne Scars

      by John Porter - 2007-06-27
      Pockmarks and awful scars on your face and shoulders make you very unimpressive and give you an ugly look. You also tend to develop an inferior complexity and many a time you lose self-confidence due ...
    • 19.

      Better Understanding Of Proactive Acne Medicines

      by John Porter - 2007-06-27
      The action of proactive acne medicines is hidden in the term "proactive" itself. The medical professionals have treated the proactive medicines for acne cure as the best to cure acnes. The reason is s...
    • 20.

      Back Acne: The Double Trouble

      by John Porter - 2007-06-27
      Back acne or "bacne" whichever way you refer, the suffering is severe. The major problem with back acne is that it covers your neck, back till the waistline and hence you can't see them and actually v...