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    • 1.

      2007-The Year Of The Boar in the Chinese Lunar Calendar

      by Simon Wu - 2007-02-05
      For the 1.3-billion people in China and another estimated 100-million Chinese living overseas, February 18, 2007 will be a day when they greet each other Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) or Kung Hei Fat Choi...
    • 2.

      A Baby Boom In China

      by Flora Yue - 2007-02-27
      Piglet, Winnie the Pooh's good friend, will see lots of babies born this year, sharing the same nickname with him.This Chinese lunar year, which starts on February 18, is believed to be an especially ...
    • 3.

      Feng Shui 2007

      by Sc Lee - 2007-04-13
      SECRET FENG SHUI POSITION TIPS FOR THE YEAR 2007 IN THE HOUSE WHERE FENG SHUI MASTER WOULD NEVER REVIEWThe practices of FENG SHUI run a wide gamut of principles, most of which have been proven to work...
    • 4.

      Chinese Zodiac Pig

      by Henry Fong - 2007-04-30
      According to the Chinese zodiac, being a pig is something to be quite proud of! If you are a pig, there are dozens of excellent qualities that are traditionally ascribed to this animal that was su...
    • 5.

      Guinea Pigs Training Guide - The Basics

      by Florian Ross - 2007-05-30
      Many people would be quick to call a guinea pig just another "dumb animal," but that's actually not true. Of course, when compared to a human or a dog, guinea pigs aren't going to astound you with the...
    • 6.

      Guinea Pigs Health Problems

      by Florian Ross - 2007-05-30
      When you first decide to bring a guinea pig into your home, you should be sure that there is a vet who specializes in small pet care in your immediate area. Many people may not consider the expense of...
    • 7.

      Guinea Pigs Foods And Feeding - The Seven Foods You Must Always Keep Away From A Guinea Pig

      by Florian Ross - 2007-05-30
      What should you avoid to feed a guinea pig?If you know what food you should be feeding your guinea pig, you should also know that there are some things that you shouldn't feed them.If you accidentally...
    • 8.

      Guinea Pigs Cage Selection - How To Choose The Best Cage For Your Pig

      by Florian Ross - 2007-05-30
      The decision on where to place your guinea pig should be made before you choose a cage so you'll know exactly how much space you will be working with, particularly if you will be keeping your guinea p...
    • 9.

      Guinea Pigs Gender - Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

      by - 2007-08-08
      Finding if a guinea pig is a female or a male (also called sexing the guinea pigs) is quite easy and it can be done regardless of the age of the guinea pig. You need to carefully pick up the guinea pi...
    • 10.

      Introduction To Chinese Astrology: A Brief Presentation Of The Last Six Chinese Horoscope Signs

      by Maria Markella - 2007-08-29
      Here is a brief presentation of the last six of the twelve Chinese Horoscope signs, their nature, characteristics and attributes. I will present them as ordered by the supreme Chinese gods that ...