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    • 41.

      A Hosted Ip Pbx Service Can Super-charge Your Phone

      by Caressa Waechter - 2008-12-28
      Phones are used daily by the majority of people, as it is one of the most basic communication forms in use today. Everyone has a phone, so telephone use is part of daily life, whether you use it in bu...
    • 42.

      Communication, Infiniti knows your telecommunication needs

      by ABDUL VASI - 2009-01-12
      The Infiniti telecommunications is a very reputed name in supplying services and products that satisfies all the telecommunication needs of your business house. You must be aware of the fact, that...
    • 43.

      Communication, Conference calling

      by NEIL DENNIS - 2009-02-13
      What is conference calling? In its simplest format conference calling is where there are more than two participants on a single call. Most mobile phones are able to offer some sort of conference ...
    • 44.

      Communication, Beyond Voicemail

      by NEIL DENNIS - 2009-02-13
      Love it or hate is voicemail is here to stay, but how can voicemail help improve business processes and enhance customer experience? Voicemail is more than just a simple messaging service attached...