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    • 1.

      Cause-Related Marketing vs. Strategic Philanthropy

      by Maggie Keenan, Ed.D. - 2007-02-20
      Six months ago, I had communication with a national corporation about their consideration to developing a corporate strategic philanthropy program. They didn't have one at all. I kept thinking, imagin...
    • 2.

      College Fundraising

      by Kimberly Reynolds - 2007-02-20
      Looking for college fundraising ideas? Here are ten activity ideas for fraternity, sorority, or other groups to raise funds on campus.Dance marathonUniversity of North Carolina students conduct an ...
    • 3.

      A Career in Fundraising

      by Tony Jacowski - 2007-03-06
      A Fundraising career welcomes the expertise of those who have excellent business management skills. Pursuing a career in fund raising is emotionally rewarding, although it demands a lot of time and ef...
    • 4.

      Live Full, Die Empty

      by Paul Davis - 2007-03-23
      Live full and die empty This is my philosophy A purposeful methodology To live life meaningfuly Maximize potential fully Leave a lasting legacy Daringly and diligently Make a difference Throughout th...
    • 5.

      Gardening Supplies Fundraiser

      by Kimberly Reynolds - 2007-03-31
      Springtime is perfect for a gardening supplies fundraiser. A home & garden fundraising event will scale nicely to help meet even major fund raising goals.The basic premise is to host an event where al...
    • 6.

      Chair-ity Fundraiser for Charity

      by Kimberly Reynolds - 2007-04-11
      This is an easy fundraiser idea for any group, whether it's a school, church, nonprofit, or cause-related organization. Doing a 'chair-ity' fundraiser is so simple, and yet so profitable, that you'...
    • 7.

      Cheesecake Calendar Fundraiser

      by Kimberly Reynolds - 2007-04-11
      What exactly is a cheesecake calendar fundraiser? It's a calendar with 'tongue-in-cheek' photos of community members combined with delicious cheesecake recipes on every page. The cheesecake aspect ...
    • 8.

      Cause Related Marketing vs. Corporate Strategic Philanthropy

      by Maggie F. Keenan, Ed.D. - 2007-04-26
      Well, they were kind enough to let me know that they had just hired a public relations firm to create one for them. I thought to myself, "What a pr firm? No please no." But what to do next, just w...
    • 9.

      Doing Well by Doing Good: Philanthropy at the Heart of Estate Planning

      by John Fraker - 2007-06-15
      "Most people think that Americans are generous because we are rich. The truth is that we are rich, in significant part, because we are generous. We tend to see giving as something that is just good an...
    • 10.

      Individual Fundraising

      by Kimberly Reynolds - 2007-06-25
      When you are doing individual fundraising for a personal cause such as breast cancer research, multiple sclerosis, AIDS charity, or even personal medical expenses, you need proven fundraising id...