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    • 1.

      Passports - your License to Travel

      by Jawahn Thompson - 2006-12-01
      A passport is very similar to a driver's license in the United States. It is an globally recognized document, typically used for international travel, verifying who you are and where you're from. Most...
    • 2.

      Preparing For Your Cruise : Documentations - Health Precautions and What To Pack

      by Jerrick Foo - 2006-12-05
      Here are some important tips on to look out for before your actual cruise trip.Passports and VisasA valid passport is required for your cruise trip. Remember, if you do not have one, you should make a...
    • 3.

      Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative to Reduce Mexico's Tourism Revenues by a Scant 2.2 Percent Th

      by Erick Laseca - 2007-02-06
      The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), which now requires air travelers returning to the United States from Mexico to show a valid passport, is expected to reduce Mexico's international t...
    • 4.

      Passport Submission Requirements

      by Lindsey Lindquist - 2007-07-10
      As you have heard by now, Passports are now a requirement to travel anywhere outside the United States! It is very important to apply early to ensue your passport is granted to you before your travel ...
    • 5.

      Two Exotic Trips While Traveling In Hawaii

      by Robert Barner - 2007-08-21
      A Submarine Ride and a Cruise You Will Never ForgetThis Deluxe Adventure takes place aboard the world's largest hi-tech 64-passenger submarine the Atlantis XIV! Or you may choose one of the smaller 48...
    • 6.

      An Exotic Travel and Vacation Resort in Fiji

      by Robert Barner - 2007-08-31
      Taveuni Palms, FijiWhether you are on your honeymoon, celebrating a 50th anniversary or just looking for a resort that is romantic. This is the place to travel,relax and enjoy.The Taveuni Palms in Fij...
    • 7.

      Traveling to Tahiti for Romance or Honeymoon

      by Robert Barner - 2007-09-08
      In Tahiti a dream comes true. Heavenly beaches, fantastic resorts, excellent 5 star hotels, everything to make your vacation one that you will never forget. It is the perfect getaway for romance and e...
    • 8.

      Traveling to Tahiti and the French Polynesia for Diving

      by Robert Barner - 2007-09-10
      With over 800 marine species, French Polynesia is a unique destination for diving. Its 118 Islands offer unlimited resources, in a huge underwater environment. This is a great travel and vacation expe...
    • 9.

      Travel And Vacation At Barbados In The Caribbean

      by Robert Barner - 2007-11-03
      Escape to a world of endless summers and sun-kissed beaches, where the dazzling ocean welcomes you each morning and a painted sunset settles along the western shores of the Caribbean every night. Nest...
    • 10.

      How Travel, Vacation and Grow Rich Part 1

      by Robert Barner - 2007-11-11
      Have you ever dreamed about a life of travel and luxurious vacations, then this may be a dream come true for you.In the following articles, I am going to let you in on one of the travel industry's sec...