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    • 1.

      Johannes Kahrs, an impressive and mysterious painter

      by Koen Van den Brande - 2006-12-28
      Artist Johannes Kahrs has an outstanding solo show at Parasol Unit, a foundation for contemporary art in London. If you are an art lover and like painting or beautifull pastel drawings you should chec...
    • 2.

      Art Logo Design

      by Sania Salman - 2007-03-13
      Art logo designs are the most amusing kind of logos. They are colorful and have amazing designs pertaining to their industry. This fact cannot be denied that logo designs are a part of the company. So...
    • 3.

      A Quick Run Through the Art of Portrait Painting

      by Wain Roy - 2007-06-24
      As an onlooker, you may have often marveled at the stunning portraits or oil paintings, without really thinking too much about what goes into creating one. As all would agree, painting is an art, but ...
    • 4.

      A Few Common Exterior Paint Problems

      by Budda - 2007-07-13
      The coat of paint on the exterior of your home is very important. A fresh coat of paint will raise the curb appeal and the value of your home, as well as protect your house from damaging elements. The...
    • 5.

      Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint

      by Budda - 2007-07-19
      Now that you have taken into account the fixed features of your home, as well as the context of your neighborhood, you are ready to begin considering your available color options for the exterior of y...
    • 6.

      Exterior Paint Problems

      by Matt Oliver - 2007-08-02
      Peeling PaintAnother common symptom of a failed paint coat is when the paint peels off from the surface. The paint may commonly appear to curl and flake from the work surface for a number of reasons. ...
    • 7.

      A Painting and its Analysis

      by Andrewshw2 - 2007-11-09
      The picture I have decided to conduct an analysis on is 'Thirteen Americans' created by Alfred Leslie.The picture is bigger than one that I have before studied. Its impressive size is significan...
    • 8.

      Outward Appearances Really Do Matter

      by India Cooper - 2008-05-13
      Exterior paintwork may not sound as exciting as decorating a room, but it'll give your house a new lease of life. And until the neighbours join the bandwagon you'll be the proud owner of the smartest ...
    • 9.

      Learn How to Oil Paint - Tips & Techniques From a Master Painter

      by Ralph Serpe - 2008-05-24
      If you want to learn how to oil paint and not sure how to begin, then the following article will prove to be quite helpful in your pursuit to become a good painter. Before you read on, you will ha...
    • 10.

      Painting Contractor Shares tips That Can Save Your Life

      by Nicky Taylor - 2008-06-10
      Are you properly equipped to handle your exterior painting project? The following equipment considerations are important for your safety and productive work.1. Ladder levelers will increase safety. O...