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    • 91.

      Preparing Your Chopper Motorcycle for Painting

      by daveclark - 2008-08-07
      After buying you custom painting manual guide, tools, paint and equipments, the next job is to dismantle the motorcycle. Start dismantling your chopper motorcycle with utmost accuracy. While dismantl...
    • 92.

      Custom Flames on Your Radio Controlled Car

      by Gregory Alexander - 2008-08-07
      Creating a custom paint job for your new radio controlled cars lexan shell is great fun, I'll show you how to do this with perfect results every time, no artistic skills required, you don't need an a...
    • 93.

      Decorating Your Home

      by Clive West - 2008-08-24
      Decorating our option room a few weeks back denoted its graduation from its designated status of 'tool shed' (who has a tool shed with a floor area of over 100 square metres?) to a very useful heated...
    • 94.

      Sell Your Home With These Quick, Cheap Fixes

      by Hal James.. - 2008-08-26
      You face a tough task if you need to sell your home in this market. The real estate market is cold. Money is tight, buyers are few and there are plenty of homes on the market. Here are some cheap step...
    • 95.

      Skill and Experience Makes All the Difference in Exterior Home Painting

      by Tyra Smith - 2008-08-29
      The differences between a job well done and a job done can be obvious in some cases. One such case is home repairs, where the difference between a well painted home and an amateur painted home can be...
    • 96.

      If You Want To Remove Ceiling Texture, Here's How

      by - 2008-08-31
      Popcorn texture on ceilings was a very popular look in the early eighties, but looks very outdated today. As a professional contractor I am seeing more and more people who wish to remove the texture f...
    • 97.

      The South by Colm Toibin

      by Philip Spires - 2008-09-06
      The South by Colm Toibin is an intense, though fitful chronicle of a woman's life, a life as yet incomplete. It presents a patchwork of detail amidst vast tracts of unknown, like a painting that has ...
    • 98.

      How to Identify Paint Colors

      by Peter Gitundu - 2008-09-09
      There are millions of paint color combination available in the market today. Choosing them could be a challenge especially if you are presented with so many of them. Its important to always follow yo...
    • 99.

      How to Apply Motorcycle Paint

      by Peter Gitundu - 2008-09-09
      As you may already know, there are different types of motorcycles available in the market today. Some of the most common ones are the trikes, ATV, snowmobiles, water crafts and the normal motorcycles...
    • 100.

      How to Prepare Your Ship for Marine Paint

      by Peter Gitundu - 2008-09-09
      A marine paint is used for painting sailboats, yachts and ships that use both fresh and salt water. Its readily applied on both military and professional ships. This paint is also applied to freighte...