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    • 1.

      Finding Land to Build Your New Home

      by Kevin Terrell - 2006-12-15
      Zoning InOnce you understand what is important to you, gain an understanding of your local area's land-use plans and zoning requirements. Otherwise you could end up buying a beautifully wooded, tranqu...
    • 2.

      Nine Key Credit Factors that Could be Damaging Your Credit Score Right Now

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-06-22
      Do you know the main credit factors that affect your FICO credit score? If you don't know these nine key factors, you could be unintentionally damaging your credit score and chances at better financi...
    • 3.

      Will Email Marketing Campaigns Work for You?

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-06-23
      When you talk to most business owners or entrepreneurs about email marketing campaigns, they will probably tell you that email simply won't work. In fact, many experienced marketers will agree. And, ...
    • 4.

      Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Credit

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-06-25
      Avoid these ten common credit mistakes, as they will negatively impact your scores. Unfortunately, many people make these mistakes without ever knowing their actions are going to harm their credit.1)...
    • 5.

      Owner Builder Construction Loans: The Three Imperatives

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-03
      Owner Builder construction is a great way to build instant equity into your new home by eliminating the costs of a general contractor. In fact, cutting the overhead of a licensed general contractor c...
    • 6.

      Four Email Marketing Tips: Turn Your Tire Kickers Into Eager Buyers

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-10
      Whether you're selling owner builder construction loans, collectible stamps, or a lawn care service, you can generate very large numbers of prospects through email marketing. But, you have to do it c...
    • 7.

      The Secret Costs of Choosing Blueprints for Your New Home

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-12
      When building a new home, whether hiring a builder or acting as an owner builder, one of your first decisions involves your home plans. Your options for blueprint sources have exploded in the last fe...
    • 8.

      Home Improvements, Family Improvements: The Owner Builder Way

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-15
      Are you considering making some improvements to your home? A newly improved home means an upgraded environment for your family. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you may want to be an o...
    • 9.

      Building Permits: What Every Owner Builder Needs to Know Immediately

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-15
      Almost every county, township, or municipality has a local department that is dedicated to reviewing residential house plans and issuing permits to build. If you are hiring a licensed general contrac...
    • 10.

      The Truth About Owner Builder Construction Budgeting

      by Chris Esposito - 2008-07-21
      Are you considering being an owner builder? Do you want to manage your own construction project to save anywhere from 15% to 35% in costs? If so, then you will need owner builder financing, which wil...