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    • 21.

      The Supposed Hoodia Oprah Connection Exposed

      by Allison Jacobs - 2007-05-25
      If you've shopped around for hoodia online you've likely read about the supposed hoodia Oprah connection. You've probably seen claims that Oprah Winfrey endorses hoodia or that she uses it herself to ...
    • 22.

      What Makes All the Difference? MONEY!

      by Lynn, Clear Goals Coach - 2007-06-29
      If your goal is to amass more money, good on ya! Go for it. You have a right to be rich.How do you feel about shouting that goal to the stars? Do some people tell you that you are too materialis...
    • 23.

      A Money Maker Attitude For Putting Money In The Bank

      by Dianne M. Buxton - 2007-07-02
      Whether you are struggling to get ahead, or are as wealthy as Oprah, you probably have some unmet goals that somehow elude you.Do you shudder and suppress fear when you think of your retirement income...
    • 24.

      "the Secret" Do You Know?

      by Karen Giardunio - 2007-07-19
      More than likely, you have heard about the latest sensation sweeping the country - or the glob for that matter. Oprah Winfrey was so excited she dedicated two separate shows to it because the response...
    • 25.

      James Arthur Ray Is Truly Blessed In Spiritual Venues As Well As In Business

      by Karen Giardunio - 2007-07-19
      Growing up the son of a Minister father served well to take in James sincere interest in Spiritual Ideology and in the Christian Faith. For James though, it only increased his curiosity and hunger for...
    • 26.

      Jack Canfield Wears Many Different Hats

      by Karen Giardunio - 2007-07-19
      During the time I have taken it upon myself to write a series of articles elaborating a little more on the 26 different speakers in the smash hit movie entitled The Secret, I have learned a lot about ...
    • 27.

      'The Secret' To Manifesting. . .

      by James Sia - 2007-07-26
      "I just got a FREE new car. I was in Missouri the last couple of days to pick it up and I'm now driving through Texas heading home to Monterey Park (California). Texas is soooo beautiful!" Elain...
    • 28.

      Christian Government Current Affairs Oprah and Obama its no Secret

      by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - 2007-09-07
      Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama's campaign in May of 2007 and now has announced plans to step up the Barackian coalition to bolster his bid for the presidency. The Obama endorsement may be good...
    • 29.

      Oprah and Obama its no Secret

      by Rev Michael Bresciani - 2007-09-10
      The Obama endorsement may be good news for Oprah who always seems to need a cause and good news for Obama who needs all the help he can get. It is bad news for the rest of us including some libe...
    • 30.

      Rumors of a Civilized World - The Taunting Osama

      by Rev Michael Bresciani - 2007-09-18
      Deception's infamous prodigy is not satisfied with nefarious past deeds but now sends messages to taunt those who remain and hope to rebuild. The showing of Bin Laden's most recent video message...