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    • 101.

      Health Articles - Antidepressents for children?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-07-27
      It would seem that a large percentage of the population is on one type of medication or another; some of these people are even on two or more different medications. It seems that there are medications...
    • 102.

      Health Articles - Do you have the confidence to look for a new job?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-08-10
      As far as changes in work or career go, some seem to have little difficulty in going with the flow while others can not seem to keep up. Sometimes, age may have something to do with it, but much has t...
    • 103.

      Health Articles - How much responsiblity can you handle?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-08-20
      There is nothing wrong with a little responsibility; in fact there are many out there who wish that their kids, spouse or friends would be a little more responsible with their lives. There are also th...
    • 104.

      Health Articles - How can you make friends?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-08-25
      As is true with most things in life, each individual differs from the next in how they live or exist from one day to the next in what they do for work, what they prefer to do for fun and how social th...
    • 105.

      Health Articles - How can you adjust to moving back in with your parents?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-04
      It is not uncommon for adults, single or married, to move back in with family when they come across hard financial times, especially during the recent recession. While it may not seem like something t...
    • 106.

      Health Articles - What can you do when employment is hard to find?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-07
      The economy will often go through cycles of booms and busts that have a direct affect on how the typical family does. These booms and busts will also often determine whether the times are easy or diff...
    • 107.

      Health Articles - How can you deal with impotence?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-14
      During the first twenty to twenty-five years of life, most young people believe that they will never get older or think about getting older. Most men would like to believe that they will never have mu...
    • 108.

      Health Articles - Obesity in men?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-17
      When weight problems come to mind, most will likely first think about younger women who put their health at risk in order to look like the stars on the red carpet in Hollywood. While it is true that w...
    • 109.

      Health Articles - How do you handle a hostile work environment for men?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-21
      Work can be something that someone looks forward to every day, especially if it is a job that the person really enjoys. There are also those who, even if they do not really enjoy the work they do, enj...
    • 110.

      Health Articles - What are the advantages to be a stay at home mom?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-09-24
      With the views changing on what is expected of the men and women in our society today, being a mother in a more traditional role can be the target of some dispute. Even though it is really the decisio...