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    • 21.

      Health, Outlets for stress

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2008-12-19
      Dealing with stress is something that many people can have some difficulty in doing. Some people are natural with how they deal with their stress, and it works well for them. Others are completely...
    • 22.

      Health, How can couples work through financial dificulties?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2008-12-21
      When a couple decides to get married and they repeat the part in the vows "for better or for worse," few will actually think about how that vow could easily be broken with future financial difficu...
    • 23.

      Health, How does depression affect your weight?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-01-03
      When people think of depression, they tend to focus more on how it affects a person mentally. It is true that depression is caused by either a chemical imbalance, a traumatic event or is a conditi...
    • 24.

      Health, How do you handle a substance abuse related death?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-01-11
      When dealing with a member of the family who is either addicted to alcohol or some other hard street or prescription drug(s), there is the risk that the particular individual may eventually cause ...
    • 25.

      Health, Are you feeling trapped in your relationship?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-03-09
      It would seem that along with an income, a place to live and food to eat, relationships are a necessary part of life. Humans are social beings who need companionship, though there are the few, as ...
    • 26.

      Health, What do you do if you have no ambition in life?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-03-18
      The workplace is filled with different kinds of people, each with their own goals and ambitions in life. Some have had their career and life goals set since they were children and have always seem...
    • 27.

      Health, How do you fight boredom in your relationship?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-04-15
      When exposed to the same thing every day, the monotony can lead to boredom. Boredom wouldn't be too bad if it did not mean so much trouble for some. How someone tries to fight it is where the trouble ...
    • 28.

      Health, Can your relationship be saved?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-06-01
      There are many couples out there, or even individuals who believe that their marriage is beyond help. There are a number of reasons for this, some of them justified because of abuse or some other comp...
    • 29.

      Health Articles - Should you stay or go in your relationship?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-06-04
      There comes a time in many relationships, whether a couple are just dating, are engaged, have been married for a short time or have been together for many years, when the question may arise of whether...
    • 30.

      Health Articles - Are you ready to start a family?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-06-15
      It is a common question among many single and married people alike, especially when it is highly likely that one will be around in about nine months. Whether a couple are planning on having a child or...