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    • 1.

      I Love Entrepreneurial Inventors!

      by Roy MacNaughton - 2006-12-01
      I love inventors. I find it fascinating how they come up with such unique ideas. Any great invention needs to have at its marketing root, the desire and ability to solve someone's problem, heal a pain...
    • 2.

      Meditation And Apocalypse Now The Horror Of The Brando Kurtz Split Ego And The Trauma That Splits It

      by Swami Satchidanand - 2006-12-04
      Typically the works of the cruel ego can be seen-quote from Heart of Darkness by Conrad in the Belgian Congo "there you could look at a thing monstrous and free." And here is why we need to work throu...
    • 3.

      All Things Are Possible: Faith (A Santa Claus Story)

      by Harry McDuffee - 2006-12-15
      As a child our very existence revolves around faith. We trust those who brought us into this world (God and Parents). The only reality we know is total faith!This is the time of year when everything i...
    • 4.

      Putting The Now In Christmas

      by Kalinda Stevenson - 2006-12-24
      "If not now, When?"The TalmudWhatever your religious beliefs, no one can avoid Christmas. As much as you might want it to go away, Christmas becomes the 800 pound gorilla that demands attention. The s...
    • 5.

      Pilots Age 60 Rule - Where is It Now

      by Steven Rowland - 2007-01-09
      In early 2005, the republican senator for Nevada introduced a bill, HR 65, which dealt with altering the retirement age for airline pilots from 60 to 65, so as to be inline with ICAO rules. The re...
    • 6.

      The Miracle Diet Drug that Fen Phen Attorneys Now Know is No Miracle

      by Nick Johnson - 2007-01-16
      The reason for such a large consumption was the immediate weight loss associated with the drug. However, after ties between Fen Phen and the fatal Primary Pulmonary Hypertension were established, ...
    • 7.

      Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses: Now What Is That?

      by Kanishkm - 2007-01-17
      Talking about radical innovations, mirror tinted contact lenses are one of the few things that will come to mind instantaneously. They have become a talk of the town as they are the hottest topic ...
    • 8.

      Be Here Now: A 'Handy' Technqiue

      by Susan K Minarik - 2007-01-19
      How our minds love to travel the highways of time! Whether we're dipping into memory's pools or sailing into the future, more often than not, our thoughts are anywhere but in the present moment. It'...
    • 9.

      Over 95 Percent of New Online Businesses Fail, Until Now

      by Chris Morgan - 2007-01-22
      Those people are living in a dream world (fantasy land). Believe me when I say, business is not something to play with. We have watched people walk willingly right into the jaws of business buildi...
    • 10.

      Doomsday Clock now 11:55

      by Lance Brown - 2007-01-22
      Today I read an article in the paper.The headline read"Doomsday Clock Ticks closer to midnight".Apparently a prominent group of scientists in 1945 set up this clock to illustrate impending nuclear...