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    • 1.

      "WMD Machete" by Mark Plimsoll: Book Review

      by Irene Watson - 2006-12-19
      WMD Machete by Mark Plimsoll Mark Plimsoll, LLC (2006) ISBN 0976779544 Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (9/06)Mark Plimsoll demonstrates an amazing ability to craft words which leave the ...
    • 2.

      Using Action, Dialogue, and Narrative in Nonfiction

      by Maurene J. Hinds - 2007-01-14
      One of the best ways to enliven nonfiction is by "borrowing" techniques used in fiction. This includes, when appropriate, opening with a high-action scene, building suspense, using plenty of "showing"...
    • 3.

      Writing for Children: Nonfiction for Magazines

      by Maurene Hinds - 2007-01-14
      Nonfiction need not be dull; it includes a wide range of topics. It can include history, biography, personal essays, personal profiles, sports, biology, geology, geography, holidays the list really ...
    • 4.

      Self-Publishing Book Production & Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

      by Scott White - 2007-01-19
      Once your book is written and you've determined that you will be self-publishing, there are a few serious errors you are going to want to steer clear of.THINKING YOU DON'T NEED AN EDITOREven the best ...
    • 5.

      Don't Put Off Writing that Book!

      by Linden Gross - 2007-01-20
      If writing that book you've always had in mind tops your list of resolutions or regrets, hiring a writing coach can turn fantasy into reality. Whether you want to write a memoir, a novel, a family his...
    • 6.

      "Thoughts From the Heart" by Charles S. Haddad: Book Review

      by Irene Watson - 2007-01-25
      Thoughts From the Heart by Charles S. Haddad CharlCyn Press (1999) ISBN 0967459702 Reviewed by Kelli Glesige for Reader Views (8/06)Charles S. Haddad has compiled a refreshing and down to earth collec...
    • 7.

      "Men Bleed Too" by Thomas Brown: Book Review

      by Irene Watson - 2007-01-25
      Men Bleed Too by Thomas Brown iUniverse (2005) ISBN 0595361870This is the story of Barbara Brown's fight with cancer as told by her husband, Thomas. In December of 1992 a cancerous tumor was discover...
    • 8.

      7 Ways to Research Your Nonfiction Book

      by BobbiLinkemer - 2007-01-08
      If you are writing nonfiction, chances are you will have to research. Here are 7 of the most effective ways to go about it. 1. InterviewsThe first rule of interviewing is to find an expert. The s...
    • 9.

      Writing For Children-Interviewing Experts For Your Nonfiction Work

      by Maurene J. Hinds - 2007-02-13
      Know Your SubjectThis may seem contradictory to the purpose of conducting the interview-you're consulting an expert because you're not one yourself, right? Yes-however, you need to have a good grasp o...
    • 10.

      A Bad Literary Agent Can Be Worse Than No Agent At All.

      by Dee Power - 2007-03-17
      Types of things to watch out for with agents:* Charging the author a fee up front, to be accepted as a client. Can be called a reading fee, or a monthly "office expenses" charge. The best agents, and ...