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  • negative scanning

    • 1.

      Photo Negative Storage Options

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      A photographic negative is a very delicate thing. It can be permanently damaged by the slightest fingerprint or piece of dust. Scratches cannot be removed from a negative, yet they do show up on a pri...
    • 2.

      Medium Format - The Professional Choice

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      As you dig through a box of old wedding photos, you may come across the negatives from the event. When you open them, you will realize that they look quite different than the negatives you had from yo...
    • 3.

      Proper Care For Photographic Negatives

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      The best way to preserve your older photographs is to carefully preserve the negatives. Negatives fade much more slowly than printed pictures, but they are a bit fragile if not cared for carefully. To...
    • 4.

      Common Questions About Converting Photos To Dvd Format

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      One of the easiest ways to enjoy old photographs is to watch them in a slideshow. To put a slideshow into a DVD, you can take the time to scan all of the pictures, create a slide show, and then burn i...
    • 5.

      Options To Convert Photos To Digital Formats

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      If you have been photographing for years, you likely have many photos that are not in digital format. Whether you have negatives or actual images, these photos have a limited life span. The only true ...
    • 6.

      Convert Photos

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      Today's digital image technology is a great way to store and preserve your photographs. If you have a collection of film photographs, you might want to consider converting these photos to digital imag...
    • 7.

      Old Pictures

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      Old Pictures usually hold a special place in our hearts. Photographs from decades or even a century ago are fascinating to look at, even if we don't know who the subjects are or have never been to the...
    • 8.

      Photo Scanning

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      If you're like most people, you have a huge collection of photographs. Photographs are something we all tend to accumulate: we take our own pictures, friends and family give us pictures, and pictures ...
    • 9.

      Understanding 35mm Scanning Services

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      Prior to the advent of the digital camera, most amateur and semi-professional photographers shot pictures on 35mm film. Anyone who spent much time behind a camera had binders full of 35mm negatives, c...
    • 10.

      Convert Slides

      by Brite Pix - 2009-04-21
      There are many 35mm slides tucked away in closets, attics, basements, and drawers. Their owners may have inherited the slides from relatives or friends. Or they may have gone to the trouble thirty or ...