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    • 41.

      The Best Choice In Cross Necklaces

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      The cross necklace has been a staple of jewelry for hundreds of years. That being said, today there are many choices when it comes to this necklace, but what is the best?Stainless steel has become a v...
    • 42.

      Bezel - A Unique Diamond Setting

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      Most people focus on the gems or metal used in necklaces, but what about certain settings? The Bezel setting is unique and brings out the look you want with diamonds.Diamonds are one of the world's mo...
    • 43.

      Jewelry Reflecting Your Zen Philosophy

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      The philosophy of the Zen Buddhist is catching on more and more these days. Many people are choosing to show their interest through their jewelry.There are many different religions practiced throughou...
    • 44.

      An Old Gem Made Popular Today

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      Although new gems are rarely discovered these days, previously known gems are often being used in new way. Ametrine is such an example and it is being given a new look. Gemstones can be a great way to...
    • 45.

      Personalized Necklaces Of Today

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      I am what I am, or so goes the saying. A popular trend in jewelry is to personalize the pieces you wear. With necklaces, this is all about displaying your name. Personalized jewelry is extremely popul...
    • 46.

      Necklaces Reflecting The Culture Of Egypt

      by Arsene Bergkamp - 2007-05-13
      As the dominant culture of their time, the ancient Egyptians still influence us today. Necklaces reflecting their ancient, powerful culture are quite popular. Ancient Egypt has been a source of intrig...
    • 47.

      Birthstones make an ideal birthday gift for her

      by Elisha Burberry - 2007-05-25
      Sometimes, it can be harder than expected to find that perfect present for her - whether the 'her' in question is a close female relative, your wife or a girlfriend that you've been with for sev...
    • 48.

      The Beauty of Pearl Jewelry Necklace

      by IC - 2007-06-08
      Pearl jewelry necklace is perhaps one of the most sophisticated pieces that you can buy or wear. For this reason, many women choose to wear pearls on special occasions such as proms, weddings, and an...
    • 49.

      Artisan Jewelry And Your Creative Wedding

      by Louise Coulson - 2007-06-14
      So much beautiful mass-produced jewelry exists, and it can create wonderful accessory pieces for both the bride and bridesmaids. Since this production jewelry is so available, why would a bride opt f...
    • 50.

      Necklaces, Pendants And Chains

      by Josie Lee - 2007-06-30
      Necklaces and pendants in the sterling silver variety certainly wouldn't serve much use without chains. Which is why an assortment of sterling silver chains-some can even worn by themselves-to help re...