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    • 1.

      Health Do You Know How To Choose Hair Conditioners?

      by Hazel Leo - 2007-03-23
      How Much Hair Do We Lose a Day? Shedding 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal. When a hair is shed, it is replaced by a new hair from the same follicle located just beneath the skin surface...
    • 2.

      Do You Know How To Choose Hair Conditioners?

      by Ray J.Darken - 2007-03-31
      How Much Hair Do We Lose a Day?Shedding 50 to 100 hairs a day is considered normal. When a hair is shed, it is replaced by a new hair from the same follicle located just beneath the skin surface. Scal...
    • 3.

      Natural Hair Care Best Treatment For Hair Loss

      by Russell Blank - 2007-04-04
      There are several Causes of Hair Loss in Women and men and as there are a number of causes, there are also a number of Hair Loss Medications for Males and Females available.The most common cause of ha...
    • 4.

      Practicing Natural Hair Care

      by Michelle Bery - 2007-06-20
      For those in search of improved health and vitality, increased attention has been given to diet and exercise. We understand now that optimum health relies on proper nutrition and a commitment to consi...
    • 5.

      The Best Hair Care Methods to Grow Black Hair

      by Seanie78 - 2007-07-18
      A great black hair care regimen will include the following: a high quality shampoo, preferably an all natural one, a high quality conditioner, natural hair oils for a healthy scalp, and an all n...
    • 6.


      by Diane Cuesta - 2007-09-27
      Loving parents attempt to do their very best for their baby and children in every area of their young lives. As parents, you are their protectors and guardians. Parents have the innate desire to...
    • 7.

      A Little Known Way to Eliminate Cradle Cap

      by Diane Cuesta - 2007-10-03
      What is Cradle Cap? It's troubling when your beloved little baby unexpectedly develops cradle cap! Although it is not very attractive, cradle cap is a very common yet harmless scalp condition fo...
    • 8.

      Golden Tips for Hair Problems

      by peterhutch - 2008-05-17
      Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of rest is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.Rinse your hair with baking soda and water to rid ...
    • 9.

      Several Natural Hair Care Remedies

      by Lauren B. Wallace - 2008-07-18
       Everyone knows that beautiful and shiny hair is a reflection of a healthy body. However, attaining shiny hair is not always that easy. Many of us can spend hours per day on our hair and still remai...
    • 10.

      What Is Natural Hair Care?

      by Nenad - 2010-02-12
      our hair can look and feel very different if you use organic hair care products. Also, you can make a difference to the environment by using products that are organic as during their manufacturing pro...