multiple orgasms

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  • multiple orgasms

    • 1.

      Interval Training and Karezza: Male Multiple Orgasms in One Night.

      by Jennifer Pulaski - 2006-12-24
      Women are indeed gifted with the ability to have multiple orgasms. They don't even need to rest in between orgasms. As a man, you are not so fortunate. Not only do you have to rest between orgasms, yo...
    • 2.

      Do African Women Have Orgasms?

      by Christine Akiteng - 2007-04-02
      When we study sexuality, our own cultural concepts and expression of sexuality influence who we study and what we find. Our cultural lenses also influence which forms of sexual attitudes, behaviours, ...
    • 3.

      The Benefits of Orgasm - Getting Hot and Healthy!

      by Candis Hale - 2007-04-23
      Several benefits of orgasm that we are not even aware of. An orgasm is not simply a contraction of muscles that results in a pleasurable sensation; it is also a complex process that can help regulate ...
    • 4.

      Female Orgasm Revealed Introduction Document

      by alex01 - 2007-06-28
      In my field, the most common questions I'm asked seem to revolve around female orgasms. Men want to know how to help their partners have orgasms. Women want to know why they aren't able to have orgasm...
    • 5.

      Women Orgasm Myths Document

      by alex01 - 2007-06-29
      Before you can begin learning anything new about any subject, you must usually un-learn some of what you've been taught in the past. When that subject is female orgasms, that fact is even more true. F...
    • 6.

      Female Orgasm Myths Document (part 2)

      by Alex - 2007-07-12
      #4 Training ReasonsOne of the most interesting phenomenons I've witnessed in dealing with human sexuality is the ability of people to train themselves into having an orgasm. Any one who has ever mas...
    • 7.

      G Spot And Foreplay

      by alex01 - 2007-07-19
      The G-spot has always been controversial - some women say it's essential for orgasms while others say it's non-existent. In this article it will teach you all about that. Foreplay & Sexual ResponseWha...
    • 8.

      G Spot and Several Tips on Foreplay

      by Alex - 2007-07-19
      The G-Spot is an area on the front wall of your vagina that when stimulated, can cause women to orgasm and sometimes ejaculate. For some women, stimulating the G-Spot creates a more intense orgasm tha...
    • 9.

      G Spot And Sexual Position

      by alex01 - 2007-07-24
      The g spot was named for the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who first described "an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during se...
    • 10.

      G Spot and Sexual Position (part 2)

      by Alex - 2007-07-24
      We have both ends of the spectrum here - couples who devote the entire weekend trying to find the elusive G Spot; then we have females who are all upset because they think they pee'd the bed during se...