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    • 1.

      Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

      by Adrian Skiles - 2006-12-05
      A mortgage broker is an independent real estate financing professional who specializes in the origination of residential and/or commercial mortgages.Mortgage brokers have the ability to obtain the bes...
    • 2.

      Commercial Real Estate Investing

      by Adrian Skiles - 2006-12-06
      Investing in commercial property may open a whole new area of financial ventures for the savvy real estate investor. Opportunities abound in multi-family units, office buildings, warehouses, retail sh...
    • 3.

      The “wow Factor”: First Impressions Count in Real Estate

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-04
      In the world of real estate, curb appeal is everything. Whether you're selling your home, getting ready for some special entertaining, or just sprucing things up for spring... you need to make an impa...
    • 4.

      Reduced Monthly Payments Have Canadian Homebuyers Jumping on Board

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      In late February 2006, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced that they will be offering to insure 30-year mortgages - a significant shift from the usual 25-year limit for most Canad...
    • 5.

      Border Patrol: the Garden in Autumn

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      Hands down (pardon the gardener's pun), autumn is everyone's favourite time to garden. Comfortably cool, often sunny, bug-free, these autumn days allow us to perform our gardening tasks with zest. Mos...
    • 6.

      Stealing the Home From Under You: the Growing Problem of Title Fraud

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      Imagine this.A Canadian homeowner - a successful professional with a lovely home in a nice neighbourhood - arrives home after work one day to find a "For Sale" sign on his lawn. Imagining that it may ...
    • 7.

      The Power of Leverage: Home Equity Can be the Ticket to an Investment Property

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      Your best-performing asset probably isn't that star mutual fund in your portfolio. Most likely, it's the roof over your head.Residential real estate has been on a prolonged and spectacular rise in alm...
    • 8.

      Live "al Fresco" This Summer

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      Whether you have an old-fashioned screened porch, a patch of wooden deck or lawn, a patio by the pool, or a balcony in a highrise condo, you have the basic requirements for a summer of "al fresco" (ou...
    • 9.

      Mortgage Plain-talk: What's the Difference Between "amortization" and "term"?

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      There are many stresses associated with home buying - both financial and emotional. And frankly speaking, it doesn't help that the process comes with its very own foreign language. While your mortgage...
    • 10.

      Make a Mortgage Broker Part of your Financial Plan

      by The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence - 2007-01-11
      For most Canadians, buying a home is the largest financial decision they will make in their lifetime. Yet, consumers across the country are more likely to painstakingly review dozens of investment pos...