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  • memory techniques

    • 1.

      Exercise Your Mind

      by Martin Mak - 2007-01-30
      The more you work your brain, the more likely you will stave off Alzheimer's diseaseJust a modest amount of mental stimulation can go a long way towards warding off Alzheimer's disease. This is the o...
    • 2.

      Learning Two Languages Slows Down Dementia

      by Martin Mak - 2007-02-13
      Study Shows Bilingualism Slows Dementia OnsetResearchers find that probable Alzheimer's patients who speak two languages get dementia four years later than their peersSpeaking two languages delays the...
    • 3.

      Getting enough sleep makes you a better learner the next day

      by Martin Mak - 2007-02-22
      Have you ever noticed that if you did not have enough sleep or your sleep was disrupted the night before, you will not function at your mental optimum the day after? If you are a student, you feel th...
    • 4.

      How Can I Improve my Short-Term Memory? Is There a Daily Exercise I Can Do to Improve It?

      by Alvaro Fernandez - 2007-06-07
      The most important component of memory is attention. By choosing to attend to something and focus on it, you create a personal interaction with it, which gives it personal meaning, making it easier to...
    • 5.

      Tips And Techniques To Train And Improve Your Short-term Memory

      by Alvaro Fernandez - 2007-06-09
      You need to know that a critical component of memory is...attention. When you focus on something and give it a personal meaning, you make it easier to remember.Elaboration and repetition are the most ...
    • 6.

      How Can I Exercise and Improve My Short-Term Memory?

      by Alvaro - 2007-06-08
      Copyright (c) 2007 SharpBrainsThe most important component of memory is attention. By choosing to attend to something and focus on it, you create a personal interaction with it, which gives it p...
    • 7.

      Why Humans Can Learn Almost Anything

      by Martin Mak - 2007-11-10
      Humans are capable of doing many things at the same time. For example, we can talk on the phone and watch television, drink a cup of coffee while reading the morning papers or sing our favorit...
    • 8.

      Training The Memory - Doing Two Or More Things At One Time

      by Martin Mak - 2007-11-20
      Although you can do certain things at the same time, there are certain tasks that will pose a challenge, but studies have shown that we can ultimately overcome this with practice. For instance...
    • 9.

      Powering Up Your Brain As You Get Older

      by Martin Mak - 2007-12-05
      When our memory is affected by the ageing process, some people's brains compensate to stay sharp. Now, scientists want to find how those brains do that so that they can help everyone else stay...
    • 10.

      Your Magnificent Brain-to Think With and to Heal yourself !

      by Martin Mak - 2008-02-03
      The human brain is the most exquisite creation in the universe. With the right "brain tools" or memory training, many have been able to dramatically improve their memory and acquire extraordinary fe...