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  • medical malpractice manhattan

    • 1.

      Medical Malpractice Manhattan: Make Sure You Don't Become a Victim

      by Paul Justice - 2008-07-23
      Medical Malpractice in Manhattan is a very serious and stressful occurrence that must be dealt with by the right people to serve justice to those injured. The close proximity of the buildings, the la...
    • 2.

      Malpractice Nyc is Growing at a Higher Rate

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-05
       NYC is the capital of big business, theater, fashion and of course medicine. Some of the world's finest doctors and hospitals are here in a city like no other city. Doctors flock to NYC to use st...
    • 3.

      Medical Malpractice Ny Is Taking A Bitter Shape

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-07
      New York is a booming city where new ideas, tools, and technology are consistently being improved upon. With an increasing supply of advanced machinery, the field of medicine in NY has the ability to ...
    • 4.

      Malpractice Lawyer Saves From All Problems

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-09
      Malpractice is a failure by a professional person to render proper services because of the ignorance or negligence of that professional. It can result in the criminalization of that professional if th...
    • 5.

      The Real Cost Of Medical Malpractice: From Doctor To Victim

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-20
      Medical Malpractice occurs on a daily basis, whether it is in a life or death situation or prescribing the wrong dosage on a prescription. Whichever be the case, instance of medical malpractice cause ...
    • 6.

      Medical Malpractice Soundstage Or Real Life Travesties

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-20
      You've seen it happen a dozen of times on television shows airing all across the world. A doctor leaves a sponge inside of a patient's body, a nurse slips on a banana tossing the needle into the neck ...
    • 7.

      Medical Malpractice Attorney's Tips To Help Victims

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-20
      Medical malpractice is a devastating and very serious occurrence that happens in hospitals, private practices, and clinics across the nation. Whether medical malpractice has occurred first handedly to...
    • 8.

      What To Do When Solution For Medical Malpractice Long Island Is Needed?

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-26
      Medical Malpractice insurance rates seem to be the hot topic in the medical industry lately, especially on the east coast. Long Island medical malpractice insurance rates have been on the rise due to ...
    • 9.

      Medical Malpractice Settlements In Queens Give Payouts But Not Solutions

      by Paul Justice - 2008-08-29
      Recent settlements of Medical Malpractice in Queens have been seeing large payouts. 1 million here 2 million there, but this shows no signs of progress. Medical Malpractice has always been an issue th...
    • 10.

      Involuntary Vs. Voluntary Medical Malpractice

      by Paul Justice - 2008-09-09
       Medical Malpractice is something that has taken the life of thousands making it much more likely to be injured in a medical malpractice instance than either an auto accident or a construction accid...