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    • 1.

      Hide My Assets From Medicare

      by Rocco Beatrice - 2007-01-11
      In social functions, I always get asked about the new Medicare nursing home qualifications. Seniors become very anxious about having to spend-down their assets with no cap on the amount that they can ...
    • 2.

      Medicaid Asset Protection

      by Rocco Beatrice - 2007-01-12
      As tax preparation time begins, many seniors are asking to include Medicaid asset protection as part of their tax planning strategies. For those of you not familiar with the 2005 Tax Reduction Act, so...
    • 3.

      Who Pays for My Home After I'm On Medicaid?

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-24
      The home is one of the biggest assets you are allowed to own and still qualify for Medicaid coverage of your nursing home bills. Under recent federal law effective Jan. 1, 2006, the equity in your hom...
    • 4.

      Nursing Home Survey Issued---2006

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      The annual MetLife Mature Market survey for 2006 was just issued. Here are some of the key findings: The national average rate for a private room in a nursing home is $206/day, which works out to just...
    • 5.

      Beware of Illegal Medicaid Plans!

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      You may have received one of those postcards promising in breathless prose how you can "save your home" and "protect your life savings" while immediately qualifying for nursing home Medicaid coverage....
    • 6.

      Medicaid Estate Recovery: Exceptions

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      It's not enough to qualify for Medicaid unless you also plan for the possibility of "estate recovery." That's when the state presents a bill to the estate of the person who had been receiving Medicaid...
    • 7.

      Medicaid Estate Recovery: What to Do?

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      Merely qualifying for Medicaid is not enough if upon your death your family will have to pay back the state every dime of benefits they paid out on your behalf during your lifetime. There must be some...
    • 8.

      Medicaid Estate Recovery

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      You've met with your elder law attorney, you've come up with a plan of action, time has gone by, and your parent has entered the nursing home, with Medicaid paying the full cost. Your family members h...
    • 9.

      Life Insurance and Medicaid Eligibility

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-25
      In order to qualify for Medicaid coverage of your nursing home stay, your assets cannot exceed $2,000 if you are single, or $101,540 if you are married. However, not all of your assets are "countable"...
    • 10.

      Reverse Mortgages and Medicaid

      by Gabriel Heiser - 2007-01-26
      Many seniors are pitched the benefits of a "reverse mortgage" as a way to "unlock" the equity in their homes and pay for a better lifestyle. Does this make any sense? In what circumstances? What if on...