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    • 81.

      M1 Abrams Mbt Armament Issues

      by Jeremy Stone - 2007-06-25
      With the forthcoming TUSK add-on kit, an M2 or an Mk 19 grenade launcher can be mounted on the CROWS remote weapons platform (similar to the Protector M151 remote weapon station used on the Stryker fa...
    • 82.

      M1 Abrams Mbt Engine

      by Jeremy Stone - 2007-06-25
      The M1 Abrams is powered by a 1500 hp (1119 kW) Honeywell AGT1500 (originally made by Lycoming) gas turbine, and a six speed (four forward, two reverse) Allison X-1100-3B Hydro-Kinetic Automatic trans...
    • 83.

      M1 Abrams Mbt In Combat

      by Jeremy Stone - 2007-06-25
      Tanks shipped in the transport-ready configuration require depot-level maintenance to install a number of sections of armor, and need to be fueled and loaded with ammunition. Tanks shipped in the comb...
    • 84.

      A Few Simple Steps To Make Your Garden Look Great

      by Barbara Herd - 2007-06-28
      The reason that I enjoy gardening so much, not only for myself, but working in other people's gardens is the transformation that can be done, sometimes in a relatively small space of time. As such off...
    • 85.

      Aed Maintenance Tips

      by Allweb - 2007-07-02
      The status indicator must be checked daily. You must look for a flashing black hourglass, which means that the device is all set for use. If you cannot see a flashing black hourglass on the automated ...
    • 86.

      Tips for maintaining your boat

      by Earl - 2007-07-02
      Like anything else, the best way to care for your boat is to take preventative measures. Don't wait until you can barely see your boat under all of the grime that has built up, to decide it nee...
    • 87.

      Pond Algae

      by Carl Strohmeyer - 2007-07-13
      I will discus two primary algae problems; green water (or free floating algae) and attached algae such as common string algae (also known as hair algae, blanket algae or Blanket weed). First a brief d...
    • 88.

      Your Honda CBR Fairing: Basic Maintenance and Assembly

      by David Reed - 2007-07-26
      The purpose of the fairing on your Honda CBR is to reduce wind drag. This is done by making the fairing as aerodynamic as possible; and the net effect of doing this means a more stable and secur...
    • 89.

      Golf Trolleys - Maintenance Tips and Tricks

      by Ray Smith - 2007-08-02
      As the game of golf is becoming more competitive, the demand for assistive equipment like golf trolleys has increased. Golf trolleys essentially help a golfer to reduce the stress and hazards ca...
    • 90.

      Brick Walkway - How to Create an Elegant Entry Way

      by James Kronefield - 2007-08-09
      The use of Bricks or Pavers to create a walkway or patio complements a home in a way that is unmatched. It adds a level of quality and elegance to a home entrance that can not be achieved with e...