linux time server

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  • linux time server

    • 1.

      Linux/unix: Basic Ntp Configuration

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-07-09
      Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an Internet protocol used for the transfer of accurate time, providing time information so that a precise time can be obtained and maintained on a networkMost UNIX and ...
    • 2.

      Using Wwvb as a Timing Reference for Ntp Servers

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-07-09
      Atomic clocks are incredibly expensive and generally they are normally only to be found in large scale physics laboratories such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), NIST (National Institu...
    • 3.

      Keeping Accurate Time on Linux: Running a Ntp Time Server

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-07-16
      Linux operating systems are becoming increasingly popular partly due to the many advantages they have over commercial systems like Windows or OS X. Linux offers increased security (as there are only ...
    • 4.

      Using National Time and Frequency Signals as a Ntp Timing Reference

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-07-16
      The importance of an authenticated timing reference to synchronise a computer network to, cannot be stressed highly enough.While there are hundreds and quite possibly thousands of internet based timi...
    • 5.

      Linux - Getting the Correct Time

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-07-21
      Ensuring a computer is not only displaying the correct time but that it is being maintained accurately is not as straight-forward as it first sounds.Most Linux systems have two clocks. The hardware c...
    • 6.

      Ntp - Using an Atomic Clock Receiver for Time Synchronisation

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-09-01
      Atomic clocks are the most accurate timekeeping devices developed by man. Modern atomic clocks are so accurate that even in 100 million years less than a second of time would be lost.This accuracy ma...
    • 7.

      Time Synchronization Basics: Configuring Windows as an Ntp Server

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-09-01
      Time synchronization is vital in modern computer networks. Having one machine running a slower clock than another can cause a myriad of all sorts of problems.  From the benign, such as emails arrivi...
    • 8.

      Network Time Server - Choosing Your Time Reference

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-09-24
      There are hundreds of internet based timing sources that allow computers running NTP to synchronise to a UTC time - however, there are several drawbacks in relying on the Internet for a timing refere...
    • 9.

      The Atomic Clock and the Ntp Time Server

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-10-01
      Most people have heard of atomic clocks, their accuracy and precision are well known. An atomic clock has the potential to keep time for several hundred million years and not lose a second in drift. ...
    • 10.

      Network Time Server Faq

      by Richard n Williams - 2008-10-01
      What is a network time server?A network time server is a hardware device that utilises a single time source and distributes it amongst a network to ensure all computers and devices are telling the sa...