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    • 1.

      Children Learn What They Live

      by Annie Kaszina - 2006-12-01
      One of the questions I often get asked is this: "I am doing my best to stay in an abusive relationship for the sake of the children. My husband says that our children are not affected by our fights. ...
    • 2.

      The Now (Part 1 of 3): Challenge Your Stinkin' Thinkin' - And Win!

      by Sylvia MacKenzie - 2007-01-21
      "I am my own worst enemy!" How often have you said that about yourself, or heard someone else say it? Sadly, it is usually true.What are the under-currents of that stinkin' thinkin'? The simple explan...
    • 3.

      On A Leash? Break Free From Your Comfort Zones!

      by Deon Du Plessis - 2007-02-04
      Are you among the very small group of people that live up to their full potential? I think we are capable of much more than we are currently demonstrating and that at some level we all know what we ar...
    • 4.

      Stop Sabotaging Cupid! How Hidden "Love Beliefs May Ruin a Relationship

      by Robert Palmer - 2007-02-08
      You can improve your love-life without going to the gym, increasing your income or giving up desserts for the foreseeable future. How? By overhauling your beliefs about love. So says Mandy Evans, a...
    • 5.

      Is It Really About Time Management…?

      by Patricia Eslava Vessey - 2007-03-01
      Last Saturday I taught a workshop titled, My Extraordinary Management of Time. In the workshop, we talked about how we all procrastinate to a certain degree. However, some times procrastination comp...
    • 6.

      The Past, Present and Future of Coaching

      by Thomas Stone - 2007-03-01
      There are innovative coaching techniques based on new insights into the nature of human conditioning that are extraordinary in helping to understand what keeps people stuck and more importantly, how t...
    • 7.

      The Importance Of Dealing With Your Beliefs

      by Hitesh Verma - 2007-03-15
      Now, if you are like most people who understand the powerful Law of Attraction that was all talked about recently on Television with respect to the movie - The Secret, know that it is entirely up to u...
    • 8.

      In Order for Things to Change, you Must Change First

      by Allan Heng - 2007-03-21
      People always say, "It 'not entirely my fault. The situation is not within my control." The true fact is: we always play a role in creating whatever is happening to us, consciously or subconsciously. ...
    • 9.

      How To Change Limiting Beliefs

      by Kevin Sinclair - 2007-03-26
      The first step to changing limiting beliefs is actually to recognize that you have them. This can be very hard for people who have had a genuinely difficult life and have experienced adversities not o...
    • 10.

      Creating Wealth Affirmations Successfully

      by Amy Wells - 2007-03-30
      Affirmations can be an effective and powerful tool for bring more abundance into our lives. If used properly, they help us make changes from the inside out, so we will be aware of and attract more of...