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    • 1.

      Disability Insurance - Statistics About Insuring your Most Valuable Asset

      by Kingston Amadan - 2007-03-18
      Never has there been more unanimity from financial experts, educators, media on a financial strategy than the advice to insure one's most valuable asset, one's future income, with disability insurance...
    • 2.

      A Quick And Easy Route To A Life Insurance Quote

      by Craig Thornburrow - 2007-04-18
      Getting a life insurance quote may be an easier process than it used to be. No longer is it necessary to make an appointment and go to the office of the nearest insurance company to sit down and fill ...
    • 3.

      The Jupiter Of The Life Insurance Heavens

      by Sarah Martin - 2008-09-30
      At the meeting of the Board of Directors, on October 7, 1891, John R. Hegeman, the affable and capable colleague of Mr. Knapp, was elected to the Presidency of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company...
    • 4.

      The First Stock Market Crash

      by Sarah Martin - 2008-10-27
      Frederick H. Ecker became President of the Metropolitan on March 26, 1929, and associated with him as Vice Presidents were Robert L. Cox and Leroy A. Lincoln. Mr. Cox died in January of the following...
    • 5.

      The Development of Industrial Insurance

      by Sarah Martin - 2008-11-25
      In the life insurance industry it became less and less true that only the lower income groups were industrial policyholders. Industrial insurance, far from providing only burial funds, became more ge...
    • 6.

      Finance & Investment Articles - Are You Searching For Term Life Insurance Policy Premiums Online?

      by WILL TANNER - 2009-11-01
      If you was to kick the bucket, could you be 100% assured your family's economic sanctuary will be sealed? Might your children be in a position to travel to college? Could your other half retire in con...
    • 7.

      Insurance Articles - Endowment Insurance

      by KIRSTY JOYNER - 2010-02-26
      If you're looking for life insurance that is guaranteed to give you a payout and you can choose the length of your policy, then Endowment Insurance may be for you. Read on to find out. Endowment insu...
    • 8.

      3 Steps You Can Take Today To Protect Your Retirement

      by Andrew Enriques - 2010-05-16
      Three Steps to Take Today to Protect Your Retirement.While everyone is different in some way, there are often common threads that are observable among certain groups of people. One such group is pre-r...
    • 9.

      7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Term Life Insurance.

      by Andrew Enriques - 2010-05-16
      Is your current amount of life insurance enough? How do you know? For most folks, talking about life insurance sounds almost as fun as a visit to the dentist. But, like that trip to the dentist, ignor...
    • 10.

      Insurance Articles - Can childhood obesity impact life insurance rates in the future?

      by LIFE QUOTES, INC - 2010-07-23
      By Carrie Napoleon, Life Quotes, Inc. Obesity among America's youth is a growing epidemic with long-term ramifications for both the health and financial futures of those affected. An estimat...