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      Free Article Are You Parched? You Could Be.

      by Monica Shah - 2007-02-25
      You've heard it a million times, drink your water! You know you should do it, but you don't always get around to it. And frankly, you don't understand why you need to drink the stuff. I mean is it...
    • 12.

      Free Article Meditation for Busy People

      by Kathryn Watson - 2007-02-27
      "I know I should meditate. I know all the reasons that I should just sit", Amy sighed "But I just don't have the extra time. I'm busy" she cried. I had heard it before. Amy led a very busy ...
    • 13.

      Pursuit of Happiness - It's Easier Than You Think

      by Joanie Winberg - 2007-02-27
      Most people are looking for happiness and long for that true feeling of success, peace and serenity. It's what we all strive for in our fast paced lifestyle. "Being happy is a choice you face ev...
    • 14.

      Three Surefire Ways to Make Sure you Meet Your New Year's Resolutions

      by Monica Shah - 2007-03-11
      January is the time of New Year's resolutions. I look at all of these promises we make to ourselves with a mixture of delight and dread. On one hand it is exciting to think of a better future, more co...
    • 15.

      Why Can't We Just Slow Down?

      by Sarah Schultz - 2007-03-16
      If you're a working professional in the world today, you're probably a very busy person. Work, relationships, friends, volunteer activities, the gym, grocery shopping, checking email. . . somehow ever...
    • 16.

      Hours Are Fixed! Energy Is Flexible!

      by Suzanne Holman - 2007-03-20
      No matter what your time zone is, you have 24 hours a day. It doesn't matter when or if you change to and from daylight savings time. You still have 24 hours a day. Humans have 24 hours a day. It's...
    • 17.

      How to Get Your Vegetables Easily

      by Monica Shah - 2007-03-30
      What are these mysterious green powders, you ask? Well, quite simply green powders are vegetables, fruits, micro-algae's, wild grasses and other supplements that come in a powder form. You can buy ...
    • 18.

      The Truth behind Why You Need To Take Care Of Yourself

      by Monica Shah - 2007-03-30
      For years I've been teaching the importance of self care - taking a break by doing things just for you. It is a chance to listen to your heart every now and then and give your head a mini-vacation....
    • 19.

      Multitasking Again?

      by Suzanne Holman - 2007-04-02
      Do you pride yourself on being a magnificent multitasker?Do you feel as though you can accomplish everything on your list only if you multitask?There are more and more studies being done about how the...
    • 20.

      Ten Tips to Help You In Your Pursuit of Happiness

      by Alvah Parker - 2007-04-13
      I was amazed to learn recently that the most popular course in colleges today is a Psychology course on happiness. Martin Seligman is the Positive Psychology guru who has written the book Authentic H...