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    • 1.

      TEFL Visits - London Numbers

      by Andrew Carter - 2007-03-04
      TEFL Visits - London numbers Although we live outside London, it's still a major tool in our Teaching English as a Second Language toolbox. Going there is a treat - going home at the end of a long da...
    • 2.

      Getting Started with Homeschooling

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-04-16
      Deciding to homeschool is a huge decision. You have no doubt weighed the pros and the cons of the decision, and ultimately decided that teaching your children out of your home is the right one for yo...
    • 3.

      You are Not Alone- Homeschooling Tips and Tricks

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-04-20
      Homeschooling your kids can be an exciting time, but it can also be a time of isolation and loneliness. Day after day, you work hard to give your child the education they deserve, but others around y...
    • 4.

      The Importance of Grammar and Verbal Tense in ESL Teaching

      by Julie Larson - 2007-04-26
      Grammar and ESL Teaching: Past and Present TenseIntroductionThe teaching of grammar as part of ESL programs is important; while it is a debated subject, it has been demonstrated that "natural learner...
    • 5.

      Help Your Child Explore the World with Sensory Tables

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-04-29
      Do you find yourself constantly telling your toddler "no, don't touch that!" Then you aren't alone. Toddlers explore their surroundings with their fingers (and their mouths) and it can be difficult ...
    • 6.

      Learning Should Begin At Home

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-05-06
      These days parents seem to argue back and forth over the right type of education for their kids. Should they go to public school, private school, Montessori, or should they homeschool? They weigh th...
    • 7.

      Making Art with Pasta

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-05-09
      As an educator, you are always looking for quick and easy craft projects. But more importantly, you are looking for craft projects that are budget friendly! Keep reading to find out some simple proj...
    • 8.

      Keeping Track of Lesson Plans History

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-05-23
      In the beginning, you carefully keep track of every single lesson plan and activity that you plan for your kids. You keep a calendar of what you do when, and even keep notes on what worked well and w...
    • 9.

      Homeschool Math Lessons: The Secrets of Learning: Give Them the Answers

      by Darren Michalczuk - 2007-05-23
      Give Them the AnswersTo help struggling students succeed, we need to give them the answers. This goes against our desire as teachers to keep the answer key hidden from them as if it were a sacred cha...
    • 10.

      Kids Crafts Ideas on a Budget

      by Sarah Jones - 2007-06-01
      We all love crafts! They are a great way for kids to learn fine motor skills, and express themselves creatively, but being crafty can put a strain on your pocketbook at times. Going to the store to ...