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    • 41.

      Gianni Truvianni's "what Should Not Matter", A Tale Of Passion Between Two Women

      by Gianni Truvianni - 2008-10-05
      "What Should Not Matter" tells the story of two beautiful women, who despite being opposites from a physical point of view are very similar in their mentality and nature which allows them to become th...
    • 42.

      Li-lo Says What's On Her Mind

      by Alia Jocob - 2009-01-12
      This is, for the first time in quite a while, NOT a Li-Lo and Sam-Ro post. While rumors are still floating around as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan and her DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson are heading t...
    • 43.

      Dating With Potential Partner

      by Alina Farace - 2009-04-02
      Everyday, the single people search for another single person with whom they can possibly decide for a date. You can't blame them because after all, they're singles. Their seeking in life includes look...
    • 44.

      Internet Dating In Modern People

      by Alina Farace - 2009-04-08
      Before few years there was a certain shame nearby the idea of two people meeting online through internet. And nowadays online dating is becoming more accepted and more popular in society, with many da...
    • 45.

      Free Online Dating Ideas

      by Alina Farace - 2009-04-08
      There are many reasons for going towards the online dating website. You may acquire the pure enjoyable meeting with different people at the different online dating. Different people have various reaso...
    • 46.

      Great Places For Gay Vacations, Tulum

      by Ricardo d Argence - 2009-04-10
      Without a doubt, Mexico is a top spot for a vacation. This is a great place, and not only to catch up with the sun on the beach. Some popular locations like Tulum combine history and fantastic beaches...
    • 47.

      Sexuality, The Truth About Lesbian Bed Death

      by PATTI GEIER - 2009-04-16
      The Truth About Lesbian Bed Death by Patti Geier, LCSW A couple concerned about the lack of sexual desire and activity in their relationship, came to see me for a consultation. They had been l...
    • 48.

      Art and Culture Articles - Carmen Electra sex video

      by MORRIS MCDANIEL - 2009-11-22
      The search engines on the web are doing overtime with the searches of the Carmen Electra sex tape. The sex tape that was released shows the star preforming in some bi-sexual activities in a hotel roo...
    • 49.

      Dating Articles - Why Wait Another Minute! Find Their Love Online Now!

      by LOUIS SIMONS - 2010-03-07
      Free of charge online lesbian dating is everywhere. If your just about to consider that exciting plunge into finding your souls companion online. Then you definately must examine this free of charge i...