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    • 1.

      Depressed? Wise Woman Ways Lend a Helping Hand

      by Susun S Weed - 2007-01-21
      Winter time is depression time for many women. Perhaps it is harder to look at the bright side when days are short, perhaps the holidays and family demands take their toll on us. Of course, depres...
    • 2.

      Investing: Building Up An Equity Portfolio

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-02-26
      It is not sensible to put all your money in one company. It is better to spread it over at least ten companies, which means having at least 10,000 to invest, as it is not economic to put less than, s...
    • 3.

      Investing In Employee Share Incentive - Option Schemes

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-02-26
      Under share incentive schemes employees are given shares or the right to buy shares.In the case of share option schemes the employing company grants the employee an option to buy shares in the company...
    • 4.

      Buying Insurance Bonds - Managed Funds

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-02
      Managed fundsInvestments are in a mixture of the life company's funds. Because of this, performance is less volatile than other types of funds.You are in effect using the expertise of the life Company...
    • 5.

      Making Riskier Investments: How Split Funds Work

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-03
      Split funds are investment trusts with a fixed life, where the shares are divided into more than one category. The simplest form is a split between capital shares and income shares, where the income s...
    • 6.

      Making Riskier Investments: Betting On Financial Spreads

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-03
      Spread betting is really gambling rather than investing and is very risky. You bet on increases or decreases in the price of an individual share (or an index, interest rates, currency movements, commo...
    • 7.

      Making Riskier Investments: Know The Options

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-03
      Commercial forestry holdingsThe advantage of this investment is that it is free of income and capital gains taxes and, if held for at least two years, is excluded from your assets for inheritance tax ...
    • 8.

      Reducing Tax on Investments: Attack Your Investment Income Tax Bill

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-03
      Investment income is treated as the top slice of income so that the allowances and lower rate bands are used against earned income first and against income from savings before dividends.Investment inc...
    • 9.

      Reducing Tax on Investments: Minimising Capital Gains Tax

      by Edward Smithers - 2007-03-03
      Capital gains tax (CGT) is payable on the sale not only of stocks and shares but also of anything other than household goods and personal effects up to the value of 6,000 and private motor vehicles. ...
    • 10.

      The World of Mortgages

      by Steven Cancel - 2007-06-09
      Buying a home is usually a very overwhelming and big event in a person or a couple's life. It takes lengthy considerations and life searching to find out if you are ready to do so. One thing people wi...