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    • 1.

      5 Ideas for Creative Play

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-06-04
      Creative play should be on every child's daily schedule. Usually when the word "creativity" is mentioned, the first thing we think about is art and craft. However, creative play is more than tha...
    • 2.

      The Benefits of Taking Your Child Outdoors

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-06-04
      Children are active. Many children participate in a number of different after school activities, including sports. Unfortunately, when school ends, there are many children that do not know what ...
    • 3.

      The Key to Success When Teaching Your Toddler

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-06-04
      Children learn from the moment they are born. The first thing they learn is that when he or she cries someone comes to sooth them. The next thing they learn is that when they fall and get hurt m...
    • 4.

      Learn to Type with Typing Games

      by Macroer - 2007-07-24
      For children, the ability of using the computer is becoming fundamental in nowadays, so learning to type is must for them. But most children get bored with any repetitious task and give up or wh...
    • 5.

      Home Insurance - Cover for Christmas

      by Andy Adams - 2007-12-06
      I used to teach something called Accelerated Learning. Then I decided it was too slow, so now I am teaching Instant Learning! The fact is that human beings are unlimited in their capacity to lea...
    • 6.

      Learning The Alphabet Letters - Use Food To Teach Your Child The Alphabet

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-12-07
      As the parent of a preschooler, you should make alphabet lessons an important part of your daily routine. Waiting until your child starts preschool or kindergarten to begin work on the alphabet ...
    • 7.

      Learning The Alphabet Letters By Making Learning Fun

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-12-12
      Learning the alphabet letters is an important part of early childhood education but it can be fun, too. Here are some fun suggestions to make alphabet fun for your child.A Fun: Make paper airpla...
    • 8.

      Family & Parenting, 15 Tips For Helping Children With Learning The Alphabet Letters

      by Deanna Mascle - 2007-12-18
      I volunteer four hours a week in my son's first grade classroom. I help out in a variety of ways but primarily I am involved in literacy activities. It is an exciting time in a child's literacy li...
    • 9.

      Family & Parenting, Preschool Education - Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

      by Deanna Mascle - 2008-04-14
      When we think of going into the "preparation mode" as that first day of kindergarten approaches, the two areas we most focus on are the academic and the emotional. If your little one has conquere...
    • 10.

      Family & Parenting, Preschool Education - Getting Used to People

      by Deanna Mascle - 2008-04-17
      A child between the age of zero and five lives in a protective bubble. And that is a good thing because that little one needs to be surrounded by people that she trusts and that love her and will...