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    • 1.

      Before You Sell - Know the Law

      by Kathryn Lively - 2006-12-07
      There's more to selling a home than putting up a "For Sale" sign and waiting for people to make offers. If want to sell your home, you need to be aware of the many local and state laws and various reg...
    • 2.

      Advertise Your Home For Sale Effectively

      by Kathryn Lively - 2006-12-08
      Your home is appraised, inspected, painted, repaired, and ready for sale! You have a set price and a list of criteria for the perfect buyer. You have a sign on the front lawn and an e-mail to all your...
    • 3.

      Capital Gains Tax Laws Explained

      by FrankW Ellis - 2006-12-12
      Would you like to know what is considered capital gains by the IRS? Would you like to know how much it might cost you?Capital gains is what the IRS says is your profit when you sell something that is ...
    • 4.

      Law and Consumer Report Agencies

      by Martin Rogers - 2006-12-19
      Laws were made to help people bring justice to their lives, and it is the violation of these laws what makes a person go through harsh time. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) designed the laws that ...
    • 5.

      Autoresponders and Spam

      by Matthew Meyer - 2007-01-08
      There are laws against sending spam. There are even laws that you must adhere to when you send out email that was requested. No matter what type of email you are sending out, the chances are good that...
    • 6.

      A Quick Outline On Various Disability Laws

      by Kanishkm - 2007-01-17
      Differentiating people on the basis of disability is a crime. Still, many people do not refrain from committing such atrocities every now and then. A daily newspaper is a real proof to this. Every...
    • 7.

      America's Longest and Deadliest Conflict: The War on Drugs and Communities of Color

      by Asha Bandele - 2007-01-20
      Last year's mid-term elections did more than shift power to the democrats on a federal level. On the state level, including in New York State, democrats assumed control of a number of governorships a...
    • 8.

      How to Protect Yourself from Credit Repair Scams

      by Joseph Ducat - 2007-02-06
      If you have a bad or mediocre credit score, it is important for you to get your credit repaired. You can hire a professional credit repair service to do this for you, or you can do your own credit rep...
    • 9.

      Some Sobering Information About Drunk Driving

      by Dennis Soinski - 2007-02-06
      An article entitled "Drunk Driving" was featured on the "Insurance Information Institute" website in February of 2007. Pardon the pun, but the following three statistical facts that were discussed in...
    • 10.

      Dog Bite Laws in California

      by Arnold Hernandez - 2007-02-06
      In California the owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place, or lawfully in a private place. The owner of the dog is liable ev...