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    • 21.

      Metrics For Talented Employees

      by Sam Miller - 2007-05-05
      What is the most important task of any HR department? I think the one thing they can do is to find and keep talented people within company. The problem is that these people are usually not like others...
    • 22.

      Calculating Contact/call Center Roi: How Do You Measure The Value Of Customer Satisfaction?

      by Sam Miller - 2007-07-10
      A number of factors must be taken into consideration when calculating the contact or call center ROI. There are variances in how the call center is set up, such as where it is located, whether it is i...
    • 23.

      Measurable Goals For Performance Management

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      In a recent email to me, mezhermnt subscriber Corina from Hong Kong asks:"This will be the first year my company uses the SMART approach to do performance management. As a manager, I am supposed to se...
    • 24.

      Celebrate Your Performance Successes!

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      If you've been monitoring your business or team or personal performance for some time, you should celebrate! Even if you still haven't achieved your targets, or even if you still haven't got any signi...
    • 25.

      Building Your Hierarchy Of Measures

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      It doesn't matter what type of business or organisation yours is, it will still have a few layers or levels of performance results that, through cause-effect or relationship mapping, interdependently ...
    • 26.

      Five Basic Performance Measures

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      If you're starting out with measurement but don't have a clearly articulated strategy - or any strategy at all - you're probably feeling stuck about what to measure to manage performance. With no goal...
    • 27.

      Got A Performance Measure Dictionary?

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      Many organisations have hundreds, even thousands, of performance measures. And some of the problems associated with having so many performance measures are:* lots of measures can be unnecessarily dupl...
    • 28.

      Why Measures Don't Have To Be Precise

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      STACEY: Doug Hubbard, of Hubbard Decision Research, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of IT value, with over 18 years experience in IT management consulting including 10 years exper...
    • 29.

      The Engine Under The Hood Of Performance Measurement

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-17
      Donald Rumsfeld said, "…we don't know what we don't know."In a climate of increased competition and diminishing resources, organisations are seeking ways of creating a distinctive 'edge' over their co...
    • 30.

      How Many Measures Do You Need?

      by Stacey Barr - 2007-09-20
      If you're starved of any decent performance measures at all, or you're drowning in the overwhelm of too many, then you're also likely not making any decent progress on improving your business performa...